Governor Of Babel Will Fire ASN Involved In Timing Commercial Administration Corruption
Acting Governor of Babel Safrizal ZA. (ANTARA/Elza Elvia)
PANGKALPINANG - Acting Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands (Babel) Safrizal ZA stated that he would fire an official regional apparatus organization or ASN within the Babel Provincial Government who was involved and became a suspect in the corruption case (Tipikor) of trading trading that is being handled by the Indonesian Attorney General's Office. "I do not know and have never asked whether the hundreds of witnesses who have been questioned by the AGO are ASN or not," said Acting Governor of Babel Safrizal ZA in Pangkalpinang, Antara, Wednesday, April 24. However, he said, if in the case of corruption in the trade system in Babylon involving OPD or ASN officials within the Babel Provincial Government, he would not hesitate to apply for a direct dismissal of ASN who had been named as suspects in the case. "We will stop the head of the service involved or ASN who is a suspect directly because those who do it will be responsible and this process will continue," he said. The arrival of the Special Investigation Team of the Indonesian Attorney General's Office and the Head of the Indonesian AGO's Asset Information Agency to the Babel Provincial Government yesterday to hear directly input from Forkopimda in Bangka Belitung regarding the handling of corruption cases they are currently handling. He emphasized that although he could not enter the area of law enforcement, as a regional official he would help the AGO find the truth and the evidence sought.
"The AGO came to Babel because he wanted to hear input from the provincial government, there must be a policy that they wanted to take even though there were pros and cons, it was part of the solution discussed. I still make sure this case does not affect the wheels of government because this is a system, not people. Even if it changes the governor or the regional secretary, the process will continue," he said.

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