Bengkulu Police Search The Agriculture Service Office In The Case Of Alleged Development Corruption
Bengkulu Police Ditreskrimsus investigators after conducting a search at the Office of the Agriculture Office of Central Bengkulu Regency, Wednesday (24/4/2024). ANTARA/Anggi Mayasari
BENGKULU - Investigators from the Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimsus) of the Bengkulu Police conducted a search at the Central Bengkulu Regency Agriculture Office regarding the alleged corruption case. The search was carried out to collect evidence for cases of alleged corruption in the work of increasing and building the Center for Animal Health (Puskeswan) building and the Office of the Agricultural Counseling Center (BPP) of the Central Bengkulu Regency Agriculture Office for the 2022 fiscal year with a contract value of IDR 3.8 billion which is divided into seven packages of activities. "Yes, it is true that there was a search at the Agriculture Service. Technically, please ask the team in the field," said Director of Criminal Investigation at the Bengkulu Police, Kombes I Wayan Riko Setiawan in Bengkulu, Antara, Wednesday, April 24. During the search, Bengkulu Police investigators confiscated a box containing a number of document files related to the activity program and were taken from the Field of Livestock, Agriculture and Administration. The confiscated files were brought to the Bengkulu Police Headquarters for further investigation. Meanwhile, the Head of the Tipidkor Sub-Directorate of the Bengkulu Police, Kompol Muhammad Syahir Fuad Rangkuti, explained that the search of the Central Bengkulu Agriculture Service Office was related to the alleged corruption case handled in the form of a physical planning and development program.
"We have brought several documents from the Central Bengkulu Agriculture Service for further investigation. In this case previously a team of construction experts had carried out physical examinations that did not match specifications," he said.

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