JAKARTA - Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba criticized Pope Francis' statement that Ukraine "dare to fly the white flag" to make peace with Russia on Sunday, March 10. A number of European leaders have also criticized Pope Francis' statement, including his reluctance to condemn Russia for attacking Ukraine more than two years ago.

Quoted from ANTARA, the Pope's remarks delivered in an interview with Swiss media RSI were deemed to imply that Ukraine gave up amid its efforts to contain the attack of the Russian army.

"The strongest people are those who in a fight between good and evil, stand on the side of goodness rather than trying to position them both equally and call them 'negotiations'," Kuleba said through his social media account on X.

Kuleba encourages the Pope not to repeat past mistakes and continue to support Ukraine and its people in a just struggle for their lives.

"Regarding the white flag, we have known this Vatican strategy since the first half of the 20th century," he said, which seems to bring up collaboration between a number of parties in the Catholic Church and Nazi Germany in the World War II era.

However, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister also thanked Pope Francis for his prayers for peace, especially for Ukraine.

"We also continue to hope that after two years of devastating war in the heart of Europe, the Pope is pleased to make an aquatic visit to Ukraine to support more than a million Ukrainian Catholics, more than five million Greek Catholics, all Christians, and all Ukrainian people," Kuleba said.

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