South Korean Ministry Of Health Reports Doctors Who Strike To Police

JAKARTA - South Korea's Ministry of Health complained about doctors who went on strike to the police. The strike was aimed at protesting against the government's plan to increase the entry quota of medical students.

The complaint is the government's first legal step since junior doctors started mass strikes a week earlier.

According to officials familiar with the situation, the Ministry of Health and Welfare complained that five doctors who were members of the Korean Medical Association (KMA), namely the largest doctor lobby group in South Korea.

Doctors were charged with violating local medical law and obstructing justice, the officials said.

As reported by ANTARA from Yonhap-OANA, Wednesday, February 28, this legal step was first taken by the government since thousands of interns and residents left their jobs eight days ago to protest against the government's plan to increase the quota for medical school registration by 2,000 seats.

The doctors' strike has crippled the local medical system, prompting the government to take firm legal action and other administrative measures.

The government has set Thursday (29/2) as a time limit for doctors protesting to return to work to avoid punishment, including the suspension of their licenses.

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