Bawaslu Nganjuk Process Alleged Voice Inflation
The crowd visited PPK Kertosono and the sub-district supervisor regarding the alleged inflating of votes (ANTARA).

NGANJUK - The Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) of Nganjuk Regency, East Java, is still processing cases of alleged inflated votes allegedly involving the sub-district election committee (PPK) and sub-district supervisory officers in the district in the 2024 election.

Head of Bawaslu Nganjuk Yudha Harnanto said that his party had found reports of the alleged inflating of votes allegedly occurring in the Nganjuk III electoral district, which includes Kertosono, Ngonggot, and Prambongn District, Nganjuk Regency.

"The allegation of inflating the vote is one of the object of the reporter to us. Currently, we are still conducting investigations and examinations including the PPK and its Panwascam," he said in Nganjuk, Saturday.

Bawaslu processed the person who was Chairman of PPK Kertosono with the initials MA and members of the Kertosono MM District Panwas. They are suspected of being involved in the alleged inflating the votes of one of the legislative candidates in the area of choice III Nganjuk in the 2024 election.

Bawaslu has also asked for statements from a number of witnesses related to the case. This is as a study material for the report.

The case has also gone viral on social media. A number of legislative and sympathizers candidates in Nganjuk Regency had visited the PPK Chairperson of Kertosono District and the Panwascam, Friday (23/2) night. They regretted the alleged inflating of the vote.

The allegation was because the votes of one of the legislative candidates from the Golkar Party suddenly increased dramatically. Until finally, both of them admitted their actions, including the votes of other legislative candidates in the legislative candidate. This was done after being ordered by a team of legislative candidates.

Until then, PPK and panwascam elements as well as the results of the recapitulation of vote counting were secured by the police for further processing. It also anticipates the tantrums of the masses.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Nganjuk Regency KPU, Pujiono, said that from the information he received, the chairman of the Kertosono PPK was indeed investigated by Bawaslu. However, he ensured that the problem did not affect the process of the election stages in the area, such as recapitulation.

"For the election stage, it will continue. We are also coordinating with Bawaslu whether there are recommendations and others," he said.

The Nganjuk Regency KPU recorded that the number of permanent voters in the 2024 General Election was 855,779 voters. Their aspirations were channeled on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 3,266 polling stations (TPS) in the Nganjuk area.

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