KPU Affirms Sirekap Is Not Closed To The Public Knowing The Results Of The 2024 Election
Witnesses of political parties recorded vote count results during a plenary meeting to recapitulate vote count results manually at the sub-district level at Tanah Abang Sports Hall, Jakarta, Monday 19 February 2024. (ANTARA PHOTO-Galih Pradipta)

JAKARTA - Member of the Indonesian General Elections Commission (KPU) Idham Holik ensured that the vote recapitulation system (Sirekap) would not be closed and could still be accessed by the public to find out the latest developments as a result of the 2024 General Election.

"Currently Sirekap is still functioning to be accessed by the public," said Idham in Jakarta, Tuesday, February 20, as reported by Antara.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) on Saturday, February 17, had suggested to the KPU that Sirekap temporarily not display data on the acquisition figures at polling stations (TPS).

The reason is that the system is not temporarily aired is because there are still many numbers that are not appropriate in Sirekap after being converted from the C1-Plano Model Form document or a record vote count result for the 2024 General Election.

"Menghentikan terlebih dahulu penayangan informasi mengenai data perolehan suara, namun tetap melanjutkan form pindai Model C-Hasil diunggah pada https://pemilu, sampai kendala sistem pada Sirekap dapat membaca data yang tertera pada form Model C-Hasil secara akurat," sebagaimana dikutip dari Surat Bawaslu.

Idham assessed that the improvement suggestion from Bawaslu was actually so that the data contained in Sirekap was not wrong. This is the reason the KPU had temporarily suspended Sirekap for the data accuracy process some time ago.

He also emphasized that Sirekap is a tool for calculating votes for the 2024 General Election. Therefore, Sirekap is a form of KPU's efforts to fulfill public information rights.

"Therefore, we view Sirekap as having a strategic role, and at this time we are still focused on accuracy or synchronization of data in Sirekap with authentic data in the photo of Formulir Model C. Hasil," he said.

Quoted from the KPU's official website, Sirekap stands for the recapitulation information system developed and used by the KPU for vote calculations.

The KPU is also committed to continuing to take advantage of Sirekap's advantage in the 2024 General Election to create professional elections and provide convenience for the public to access all information.

Based on KPU Decree Number 66 of 2024, Sirekap is an information technology-based application device as a means of publication of vote count results and the recapitulation process of vote count results, as well as tools for implementing election vote count results.

Masyarakat dapat memantau secara langsung perkembangannya pada Hasil yang ditampilkan KPU ini merupakan hitungan langsung (real count), namun bukan hasil akhir pemilu 2024. KPU menyatakan publikasi form model C/D hasil adalah hasil penghitungan suara di TPS dengan tujuan memudahkan akses informasi publik.

As for the vote count carried out by the KPPS, the recapitulation of vote count results and determination of election results is carried out in stages in an open plenary meeting by PPK, district/city KPU, provincial KPU, and KPU based on the provisions of the legislation.

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