Aisha Weddings Reported To Police For Promoting Child Marriage
Aisha Weddings was reported to Metro Jaya Regional Police by Sahabat Millenial Indonesia (Samindo) -SETARA Institute for promoting child marriage.

JAKARTA - The wedding service organizer, Aisha Weddings, was reported to Metro Jaya Regional Police by Sahabat Millenial Indonesia (Samindo)-SETARA Institute for promoting child marriage.

"We explored and opened the related web, namely, well there are recommendations and even require girls to marry between 12 and 21 years of age," said the advocate and activist of Samindo-SETARA Institute, Disna Riantina at Metro Jaya Regional Police, quoted by Antara, Thursday, February 11th evening.

Disna assessed that Aisha Weddings' promotion had violated laws in Indonesia, one of which was the Law on the Protection of Children and Women.

"Obviously it violates the law because we regulate child protection, the child is 18 years old, so there is a violation there," she added.

She also touched on the content of the web which led to opinions demeaning women.

"On the web, it is written that ones should get married as soon as possible so that ones doesn't become a burden to parents. That opinion was formed to discredit women," said Disna.

Disna revealed that SAMINDO activists had completed the evidence for official police reports, such as a published website address, a screen capture of the site, and pamphlets distributed to residents' homes.

"The pamphlets that were distributed were wrapped in folded newspapers that were put in plastic in the Kebayoran Baru area," said Disna.

The report has been received with the report number TBL/800/II/Yan 2.5/2021/SPKT PMJ dated February 10, 2021.

As for the articles included in the report, namely Criminal Actions Regarding Electronic Information and/or Transactions and/or Crimes Regarding Child Protection and/or Crime Regarding Marriage Article 27 paragraph (1) Jo Article 45 of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 19 Year 2016 regarding Electronics Information and Transaction and/or the Republic Of Indonesia Law No.35 Year 2014 regarding Child Protection and/or Republic of Indonesia Law No. 1 Year 1974 regarding Marriage.

Not only that, but the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) also reported the marriage organizer with the site to the National Police Headquarters.

"The recent problem of the wedding organizer has been reported by KPAI to the Criminal Investigation Agency of the National Police," said the Head of Public Information Bureau of the National Police Public Relations Division, Rusdi Hartono.

Investigators are looking to investigate law violations on the wedding organizer's website. "Of course, the Criminal Investigation Agency of the National Police will investigate this problem, for how problems that arise in this society can be resolved completely," he said.

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