BNN Reveals Circulation Of Excise Narcotics And Malang - Kuta Network Methamphetamine

DENPASAR - The National Narcotics Agency for the Provinces of Bali and BNNK Badung revealed methamphetamine and ecstasy from the Malang network, East Java, which operates in the Kuta area, Badung Regency, Bali.

Bali BNNP Eradication Division AA Darma said from the operation which took place on Friday (3/11), officers secured a courier with the initials DA.

DA was secured along with evidence in the form of narcotics when he was about to distribute the illicit goods to customers in the Kuta area on Friday (3/11) night.

"Evidence is suspected of being narcotics that were secured, namely 180 MDMA items and 13 grams gross methamphetamine," Darma said as quoted by ANTARA, Saturday, November 4.

He said the disclosure of the case was a follow-up to the results of the Bali BNNP intelligence analysis which received information on the illicit trafficking of narcotics in the Kuta Bali area known as a tourism area.

Based on the officer's examination, the DA perpetrator was only an accomplice to the narcotics network Lowokwaru, Malang-Kuta Bali.

The 28-year-old Malang-born youth acts as a dealer who works as a private employee on a daily basis.

According to AD's confession, the illicit goods will be divided into several parts, make them in the form of packages, and ready to distribute the goods.

The perpetrators will stick to several locations in the Kuta area according to the direction of the owner of the goods in Malang by telephone. However, before distributing the goods, the joint BNN officers first knew the perpetrator's actions.

For this incident, the suspect AD and evidence were confiscated and secured to the Bali BNNP office for further investigation and investigation.

Now, AD has been named a suspect and is languishing in the Bali BNNP detention cell.

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