5 Artists Examined By Bareskrim Regarding Online Gambling Promotions
Illustration of online gambling (ANTARA)

YOGYAKARTA Several artists have been questioned by Bareskrim regarding online gambling promotions in electronic media. The examination was carried out considering that promotional activities for online gambling sites were unlawful activities, and could even be charged with the ITE Law with imprisonment.

Until now, the celebrity dab artist who was examined because he was caught promoting online gambling sites, there were not only one or two people. Here are some of these beautiful artists.

1. Amanda Manopo

The soap opera actor Amanda Manopo recently received a summons from the Investigators of the Directorate of Cyber Crime (Dittipidsiber) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police in Jakarta. The summons was made in order to provide an attack and clarification regarding online gambling promotions.

"We inform you that today, Monday, October 2, 2023, sister Amanda Manopo will be examined or clarified regarding the alleged endorsement of the site suspected of being an online gambling website," said Director of Cyber Crime at the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency Brigadier General Pol. Adi Vivid Agustiadi Bachtiar in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Tuesday, October 3.

2. Yuki Kato

Apart from Amanda Manopo, the police also summoned the beautiful artist Yuki Kato. The examination itself has been carried out on Saturday, September 23, 2023 from 12.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB.

"We inform you that it is true that Saturday, September 23, 2023, an examination or clarification has been carried out on Yuki Kato's brother," explained the Director of Cyber Crime (Dirtipidsiber) of the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency Brigadier General Pol. Adi Vivid Agustiadi Bachtiar, quoted from Antara.

3. Wulan Guritno

Senior actress Wulan Guritno also cannot be separated from the summons of investigators from the Directorate of Cyber Crime, Bareskrim Polri. He was summoned to provide information on his activities to promote online gambling sites in 2020. Examination of Wulan Guritno has been carried out twice, namely on Thursday, September 14 and Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

The summons itself was made after Wulan's video promoting online gambling went viral again on social media.

"Regarding the issue of WG (Wulan Guritno) artists, after being traced it was made in 2020. The website is still there," said Director of Criminal Investigation of the National Police Brigadier General Pol. Adi Vivid Agustiadi Bachtiar at a press conference, Wednesday, August 30.

4. Cupita Cupi

Cupita Cupi is a dancer as well as a celebrity who was also summoned by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police for promoting online gambling. He himself complied with the call and visited the South Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Building on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 12.55.

After undergoing an examination, Cupi Cupita admitted that she was happy because she had given her clarification to the police.

"Thank you to friends who have been waiting, thank you very much. Actually I am sick, but because I also want to clarify, I am happy to clarify that I entrusted it to my lawyer, to my lawyer," explained Cupi Cupita to reporters after being questioned.

In addition, he also admitted that he had never played online gambling. He also admitted that the case of alleged online gambling promotions had an effect on his work.

"Oh yes, it affects (the work), that's why I want to clarify," he said.

5. Dinar Candy

Celebrity Dinar Candy also had legal problems because he participated in promoting online gambling sites in 2017. However, he said that the case had been resolved. He was also summoned by Polda Metro Jaya twice.

Regarding the promotional activity, Dinar admitted that he did not know that the promotional site was online gambling. But he was not alone. At that time he and 50 celebrities in the country were also asked to be witnesses in the online gambling case which at that time was widely discussed.

Those are some artists who have been questioned by the Criminal Investigation Unit regarding online gambling promotions. Visit VOI.ID to get other interesting information.

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