Proposal Of 5 DPD RI State Proposals: LaNyalla Leads Steps To Strengthen State Systems
As a member of the DPR DRI LaNyalla Mattalitti, many people receive public aspirations. (IST)

SURABAYA - Many have asked the extent of developments regarding the proposed 5 DPD RI State Proposals regarding strengthening the state system. Chairman of DPD RI AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti said that the proposal had been completed with the Academic Script and continued to be resonated to all national stakeholders.

"Then all stakeholders of the nation together with the DPD RI who will urge the MPR to hold an MPR Session with a single agenda; restore the state system according to the formation of the nation's founders who were refined and strengthened through amendments with addendum techniques," said LaNyalla in Surabaya, Saturday 30 September.

LaNyalla explained that the birth of 5 proposals was not automatic. However, based on the aspirations received by the DPD RI from many components of the nation, ranging from social organizations, kings and sultans of the archipelago, figures and activists of the Constitution, academics and activists, as well as retired TNI and Polri.

"As Chairman of the DPD RI, I have traveled to 34 provinces and more than 300 regencies and cities in Indonesia. The problems faced are the same. Namely; Injustice and poverty," he said.

The root of the problem occurred, according to LaNyalla, because the Constitution of the results of the changes from 1999 to 2002 left fundamentals.

"What happened from 1999 to 2002 was not an amendment to the addendum technique, but a replacement of the Constitution, because the Indonesian state system turned into a new system. So as a result, we left Pancasila as the Constitutional Basis Falsafah, as the highest legal norm and the identity of the Constitution. Meanwhile, on the other hand, we recognize the existence of Pancasila. This is ironic and paradoxical," he explained.

Responding to the results of the review, the DPD RI agreed to offer the idea of improving Indonesia by re-implementing the state system according to the formation of the nation's founders.

"That's why we have to return to Pancasila, because this nation in fact still agrees that Pancasila is the basic Falsafah of this nation and this country. The manifestation of returning to Pancasila is of course by returning the Constitution of this country to the formulation of the nation's founders," added LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti.

However, according to the Senator from East Java, the DPD RI is also aware of a weakness in the system. That the 1945 Constitution (18 August 1945) was created in an urgent and revolutionary situation, so it must be perfected.

"Therefore, what we offer is that we return to the 1945 Constitution, and then we make amendments with the correct technique, namely the addendum technique. So that it does not change the state system. As did countries that amend their constitution. Like the United States, which has made amendments to the addendum technique 27 times. Also India, which has made amendments to the addendum technique 104 times," said LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti.

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