PB SemMI's Plan To Meet MUI Today To Discuss Celebrity Oklin Fia, Suspected Of Blasphemy Of Religion
Oklin Fia/ Photo: Instagram

JAKARTA - The reporting process for the Oklin Fia celebgram continues. Today, PB SEMMI will conduct hearings and complaints directly to the Islamic Syar'i Syarikat Council and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) on Friday, August 18.

The PB SEMMI complaint to the Syar'i Syarikat Islamic Council and MUI is an effort to strengthen experts to ensnare the Oklin Fia celebrity with a maximum penalty for alleged blasphemy.

"We will ask for the recommendations of the two institutions that Oklin's actions are contrary to Islamic values," said the Head of Legal and Human Rights Division of PB SEMMI, Arisastra Desert when confirmed by VOI, Friday, August 18.

In addition, PB SEMMI will also ask the Syar'i Syarikat Islamic Council to become an expert regarding reports against the Oklin Fia celebrity who wears a headscarf while recitating the 'ice cream' in front of a male gender.

PB SEMMI also asked the Syar'i Syarikat Islamic Council and MUI to issue recommendations stating that Oklin Fia's actions were contrary to Islamic values.

"We ask that the two institutions are willing to be submitted to the Central Jakarta Police as expert witnesses in this case," he hoped.

As many as 10 representatives of PB SEMMI will visit the Syar'i Syarikat Islamic Council and MUI regarding the reporting process. The Desert said it also brought a number of documents as evidence for its reporting.

"We bring the legality of the organization and video evidence related to the content that violates it. There are about 5 to 10 representatives who will visit the Syar'i Syarikat Islamic Council and MUI," he said.

Previously, it was reported that the Oklin Fia celebrity was reported by the management of the Indonesian Muslim student union (PB SMMI) to the Central Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters on Monday, August 14.

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