8 Subdistricts In Lebak Affected By El Nino, BPBD Distributes Clean Water For Drinking And Cooking
Illustration of drought as a result of the weather phenomenon of El Nino. (Freepic)

BANTEN - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) revealed that 8 sub-districts in Lebak Regency experienced a clean water crisis due to the weather phenomenon of El Nino.

"We have alerted three units of tank vehicles to distribute clean water supplies to areas prone to a clean water crisis," said Head of BPBD Lebak Regency Febby Rizki Pratama in Lebak, Banten, Tuesday, August 8, which was confiscated by Antara. The eight sub-districts that occurred in a clean water crisis include Warunggunung, Leuwidamar, Panggarangan, Cihara, Gunungkencana, Banjarsari, Wanasalam and Maja.People in the area for washing and toiletries (MCK) use water flow, irrigation and ponds, whose conditions are not suitable for MCK needs, because they are already cloudy and colorful. Meanwhile, his party asked residents affected by the Lebak BPBD, using three tank vehicles with a capacity of 6,000 liters/tangle, so that the total distribution of 18 thousand liters of clean water was used for drinking and cooking purposes. "We do not serve the distribution of clean water if the public does not submit it," he said.

Meanwhile, a number of residents of Gunungkencana, Lebak Regency, said they were forced to seek clean water to the location of the existing springs. They people took the water in the morning at around 04.00 WIB. "If it's noon, the springs will dry up again and there will be no clean water," said Mahmud, a resident of Gunungkencana, Lebak.

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