Minister Bahlil: IKN 100 Percent Road Except Jokowi's Substitute Is Not In Line
The work project in the IKN Nusantara/PHOTO VIA ANTARA area

JAKARTA - Investment Minister/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia believes that the capital Nusantara (IKN) project will be successful, except if the replacement for President Jokowi is not in line with the vision of the new capital city.

"If you are asked if this can work? I am sure 100 percent can work. Except for the one who replaces Pak Jokowi, that is not in line with Pak Jokowi. That is another story," he said in a working meeting with Commission VI of the DPR in Jakarta as reported by ANTARA, Friday, June 9.

Bahlil revealed that until May 31, 2023, there were 228 letter of intent (LoI) for IKN development.

IKN, he continued, has also received visits from around 95 companies.

In terms of regulations, the government has also issued Government Regulation Number 12 of 2023 concerning the Provision of Business Licensing, Ease of Doing Business, and Investment Facilities for Business Actors in the capital city of Nusantara.

"If you ask how serious they (investors) are, now IKN is building its basic infrastructure. That one is covered by the state budget. As soon as it is finished, the real investment will come in. Because how to mobilize their equipment if the basic infrastructure is not finished. When is the schedule? It will be planned to start entering in August, September this year," he said.

Bahlil also invited members of Commission VI of the DPR to directly prove the progress of IKN development in East Kalimantan. This is because one of the members of Commission VI of the DPR Harris Turino questioned the progress of IKN development.

"You go there again. I'll invite you later. Then you can see. Okay, just July we'll decide (to IKN). So you'll see later. There, you'll focus on building a palace. Ministry offices, ministerial housing and basic infrastructure, at once, parallel," said Bahlil.

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