Candidates For Hajj Sick Will Still Be Departed To Mecca
Head of the Madinah Working Area Zaenal Muttaqin, in Medina, Wednesday (7/6). BETWEEN Istibsaroh

All sick Indonesian Hajj candidates who are being treated at the Indonesian Hajj Health Clinic (KKHI) and at hospitals in Medina will still be dispatched to Mecca to attend a series of Hajj services.

"The congregation who are sick will be evacuated with a team of health workers," said Head of the Madinah Working Area Zaenal Muttaqin, in Medina as reported by ANTARA, Wednesday, June 7.

Zaenal explained that on June 16, 2023 all pilgrims had to leave Medina, including prospective pilgrims who were sick would still be evacuated to Mecca with the health team.

"So for those who are sick, we still have time until June 16, 2023, if for example today there is something to be pushed to Mecca, but the conditions are not possible, then we will wait a day or two," said Zaenal.

Zaenal explained that if after one or two days the sick calhaj was ready and capable, they would be united with other group members to be dispatched to Mecca.

However, if until June 16, 2023, prospective pilgrims have not recovered, Zaenal continued, his party will also still evacuate him to Mecca with the health team using an ambulance.

"We ensure that on June 16, 2023, all pilgrims have been pushed to Mecca. Those who are sick will be treated by the KKHI or a hospital in Mecca," said Zaenal.

Zaenal said that if there are pilgrims who are sick until the time comes to carry out wukuf in Arafah, they will be vaccinated both by bus and ambulance, before it will be handled again by the KKHI Mecca team.

"He will be approved, either by bus or maybe by ambulance, even if for example it is only half an hour in 'Arafah. Then it will be returned to the hospital or at KKHI," he said.

In addition, Zaenal also emphasized that for pilgrims who are sick and do not allow wearing ikram cloth, they may wear ordinary clothes when heading to Mecca.

"If it's been in Mecca for more than three days and is healthy, then it will come out to Tan'im first to take waqat from that place," he concluded.

Based on data from the Integrated Hajj Computerization System (Siskohat) as of Wednesday (7/6) at 20.15 Saudi Arabian Time (WAS), 26 of them died, five of them died in Mecca and the rest in Medina.

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