Jealous Someone Goes To His Girlfriend While In A Cafe, This Man Is Angry Allegedly Hit His Own Lover
The woman with the initials A who was allegedly hit by her boyfriend at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters (Photo: Jehan/VOI)
JAKARTA - A woman with the initials A who is suspected of being hit by her own boyfriend in the Prapanca area, South Jakarta, visited the South Jakarta Metro Police. Pantauan di lokasi, korban menantangi Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan bersama rekannya. Terlihat korban penuh luka di bagian wajah. Saat ke ruang pelaporan, korban sempat menceritakan sedikit kronologis kejadian. A said the incident started with his girlfriend's jealousy when he went to a cafe in South Jakarta. Then there was another man who waved at him. “Nyerempet just now. I was hanging out with my friends, friends at work. Then he was jealous because someone was close to me, ” said A to reporters at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Sunday, June 6. The story of persecution A had gone viral on social media. In the video uploaded by the @Gibranabd account seen on Sunday, June 4, local residents were seen trying to help victims who were lying on the side of the road in the South Jakarta area. A number of residents tried to work with the victim lying on the side of the road into an ambulance for follow-up. You can see a photo shared by the account, the victim's face bleeding a lot. Gibran as the video recorder assessed that the actions taken by the perpetrators were quite unreasonable. The reason is, the lover was deliberately hit and suffered injuries to the face. "I don't know the problem is that I feel like a man has no right to commit violence against our partners and any form of violence is not justified. Make lessons for men who are still rude to their women, if they don't match, then separate. Don't hurt krang's children who are difficult to pay for their parents,” Gibran said as quoted from his account, Sunday, June 6. "“The victim is now recovering because seeing what happened of course it had a considerable trauma impact. Thank you also friends and the victim's family who helped with information and had dared to speak up, "he continued. Meanwhile, the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Jakarta Metro Police, AKBP Irwandhy Idruz, admitted that he was still checking the truth of the case. He also asked for time to reveal the case allegedly committed by his own girlfriend. We are still investigating the post. Please time, ” close it.

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