Putin: Do Everything You Can To Maintain Russia's Stability And Security
Russian President Vladimir Putin/DOK PHOTO via Instagram @rusemb_indonesia

JAKARTA - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday urged all parties in Russia to do everything in order to maintain stability and security in his country.

While speaking at a meeting with Russia's Security Council in Moscow, Putin stressed the importance of ensuring internal security amid the current situation, including those with bad intentions by trying to destabilize the situation in Russia.

"Today, we will discuss issues to ensure Russia's security, in this case, domestic political security. This is done taking into account the efforts that are still being made by those who have bad intentions to disrupt the situation within the Russian Federation," Putin said as reported by ANTARA, Saturday, June 3.

"You and I have to do everything we can to prevent them from doing this under any circumstances," he continued.

Putin also asked the interior minister and head of Russia's Federal Security Agency to report on the security situation.

Ukrainian armed forces have reportedly launched a series of attacks on several Russian border areas in recent months, especially Bryansk and Belgorod, who were attacked by artillery drones, according to Moscow.

Information about such attacks is then widely spread and is often misinterpreted on various social media.

Many later provoked their discontent with other Russian citizens and called on them to denounce the authorities for their inability to ensure the safety of their citizens.

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