KPK Detains Corruption Suspect In Procurement Of Fictitious Subcontractors At PT Amarta Karya Which Loses Rp46 Billion To The State
Deputy Chairperson Of The KPK Johanis Tanak At A press conference

JAKARTA - Former Finance Director of PT Amarta Karya, Trisna Sutisna was detained by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). The detention was carried out because she was a suspect in alleged corruption in the procurement of fictitious subcontractors at PT Amarta Karya Persero in 2018-2020.

"The investigative team detained the suspect TS for the first 20 days," said Deputy Chairperson of the KPK Johanis Tanak at a press conference at the KPK's Merah Putih building, Kuningan Persada, South Jakarta, Thursday, May 11.

Johanis said this detention could be extended if needed by investigators. Trisna will languish in the KPK detention center at the Puspom AL Headquarters, North Jakarta.

The anti-corruption commission also summoned another suspect to be detained, namely the former President Director of PT Amarta Karya, Catur Prabowo. However, he did not come because he was sick.

"KPK reminds CP suspects to be present at the schedule for the next summons from the investigative team," said Johanis.

In this case, the KPK said Catur asked Trisna to prepare money for his personal interests in 2017. The request was then taken from a project carried out by PT Amarta Karya.

Not only that, Trisna also asked a number of PT Amarta Karya staff to make a business entity in the form of a CV as a subcontractor to realize Catur's request. The fictitious company that was created was included in the project even though it didn't do anything, said Johanis.

"The CP suspect always gives a 'continue' position along with the approval of the payment order (SPM) signed by the suspect TS," he explained.

Furthermore, the money was stored in a fictitious account, ATM, and check business entity that was deliberately made to launch Catur's wish. There are at least 60 projects that are subsed fictitiously by both of them.

"It is suspected that there are around 60 procurement projects for PT AK (Amarta Karya) Persero which are subcontacted fictitiously by the suspect CP and the suspect TS," said Johanis.

The money that has been collected is allegedly used to pay credit card bills, gold purchases, overseas trips, golf members fees, and also given to other parties. "As a result of the actions of the two suspects, it is suspected that it resulted in state financial losses of around Rp46 billion," he said.

As a result of their actions, the two suspects were suspected of violating Article 2 paragraph (1) or Article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Criminal Acts of Corruption as amended by Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 of 2001 concerning Amendments to Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Corruption in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) of the 1st Criminal Code.

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