Google Accompanys Muslims During Ramadan
Photo: Doc. Antara

JAKARTA - Tech giants Google are trying to accompany Muslims to fast Ramadan 2023 to make them more focused, easy, and fun, with a series of useful features they have.

Google will help people who want to know when the time is Imsak and breaking the fast, how to prepare Ramadan dishes, how long restaurants and entertainment venues will open during Ramadan

The following is a summary of what you can get from Google, as written in a press release, quoted from Antara, Saturday, March 25:

Fasting Friends

On Google Search, by typing the keyword Ramadan, you can find various information from the latest news regarding Ramadan, speech, to prayer schedules and various other information to help you worship and plan activities during Ramadan to Hari Raya.

In addition, when you open Google Play on a smartphone, there will be a special page that presents selected applications, such as the Digital Al-Quran, qibla finder and many more to accompany your worship during fasting.

Not only that, you can also find various recommendation applications that present special recipes for you to try at home.

Ngabuburit Friends

Ngabuburit or the moment of spending time in the afternoon while waiting for the time to break the fast is one of the typical traditions of the month of Ramadan in Indonesia.

To accompany your work, Google Arts & Culture has released the Art Coloring Book Ramadan and Eid Edition, which allows everyone to learn and color their favorite artwork directly on sites or apps. If you don't have the app, you can find it on Google's homepage, with the keyword Ramadan.

Not only Google Art & Culture, Google Play also provides various recommendations for applications, entertaining games, and special promos for Ramadan that can be used to fill your free time.

Homecoming Friends

When you want to go home, you need to prepare yourself and get along well. One of the things you shouldn't miss is finding the best route.

To find the best homecoming route, you can use Google Maps to check homecoming-related traffic regulations such as road closures, one-way, and contraflows.

If you are using an electric vehicle, you can find out the position of the electric refueling site, by typing 'EV charging stations' on Google Search or Google Maps.

In addition, you can also check relevant temporary and permanent facilities such as mosques, rest areas, toilets, gas stations, and vehicle workshops.

Happy Day Friends

In Indonesia, Lebaran cannot be separated from the culture of visiting relatives and relatives. Take advantage of this moment of gathering together with fun activities, such as playing family games whose inspiration you can find on YouTube.

Another special thing from the moment before Lebaran is to prepare yourself to show the best from what to wear to what to bring.

On the Google Play Store, you can find various marketplace recommendations that sell your various needs. You can also find your needs directly with Google Lens through the 'Shopping' feature and get other inspiration.

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