Brawls That Never Disappear From Time To Time, Police Approach Community Leaders And Parents
Illustration of victims of brawls/Photo: SPC

TANGERANG - Brawls among teenagers and students often occur in various regions. The perpetrators did not hesitate to injure their opponents with sharp weapons. As a result, not a few casualties fell. Ironically, the victims died at a very young age.

Police officers have tried to do various ways to prevent brawls. However, clashes still occurred in various regions.

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media showing fights using sharp weapons. The clash between students occurred in Kreo Lot, Cipadu, Tangerang City.

In the video uploaded to the @InfoCipadu account, you can see a group of teenagers attacking each other. They attack using a large sharp weapon of the sickle type.

Ciledug Police Chief, Kompol Noor Maghantar confirmed the incident. However, the incident occurred on Saturday, February 3, at night.

"It happened that Saturday night," said Noor when confirmed, Wednesday, February 8.

Noor confirmed that there were no casualties in the incident. Because the brawl action that was carried out by a number of teenagers, did not last long, because the police officers were able to disperse it.

"There were no victims, (the problem-ed) was immediately disbanded," he said.

Now in anticipation of a similar incident, he has ordered his ranks to increase patrols. Apart from that, he also cooperates with residents to protect their children so they don't get into brawls.

"We patrol, Binmas, families have children through figures, to protect their environment from brawls," he concluded.

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