Lana Del Rey Alludes To Tour Manager Who Resigned Before Performance At Coachella
Lana Del Rey (left) while performing at Coachella with Billie Eilish (Instagram @honeymoon)

JAKARTA - Lana Del Rey summarized her slick appearance when she became a headliner at the Coachella event which was held in Indio, California, United States last weekend.

Through her Instagram account, Lana Del Rey uploaded several moments when she appeared at Coachella. She also thanked Billie Eilish, Jon Batiste, and Jack Antonoff for the visitors.

But behind his successful performance, the 38-year-old singer revealed that Peter Abbott, his tour manager resigned a month before his appearance at Coachella, and his position was replaced by Emily Holt.

"(Thank you) Emily for being the tour manager when Pete stopped for no reason after 15 years," Del Rey wrote in the caption for Instagram uploads.

Del Rey said the former tour manager chose to resign for reasons that were not very clear.

"He was very hurt because I got 10 free bicycles from Wally and randomly decided that he was more of a stage designer than a tour manager," Lana Del Rey said.

"Maybe I'll never get another phone call. But still grateful for 15 years," he continued.

The Born to Die singer said her new tour manager, Emily has worked very well, although her time to prepare Coachella has been relatively short since Peter's departure.

"Don't worry, 37 days is more than enough time to complete it yourself. It doesn't stress at all," Del Rey said.

"It's really good, Emily, you managed to do it gracefully. Thank you to my manager Ben and Ed for laughing my whole life even though none of them make sense," he continued.

"PS: please send me an email If you decide to quit this year. 15 years is also a long time for us."

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