Trying Directly The Sensation Of Jimny's 5 Doors' Resilience At The Adventure Experience Arena At IIMS
Suzuki Jimny has five doors. (Photo: Afrizal / VOI)

JAKARTA - Suzuki Jimny 5 Door officially launched in the country at the IIMS 2024 event, and not long after its launch, the car has ordered more than 1,200 units.

Curious, the VOI team had the opportunity to try out this car in the Jimny Adventure Experience, but not as a driver but as a passenger who was accompanied by a trained off-roader instructor. The test area was prepared with a challenging path installation designed specifically to highlight Jimny's 5-door toughness.

How is the sensation? When entering the cabin, Jimny offers a wide and comfortable space, with a length of 3,965 mm and a wheelbase of 2,590 mm. The addition of the door provides easy access for rear passengers to get in and out of the car.

In addition, there are several USB charger ports for user convenience, as well as a 9-inch touch screen unit head with a complete smartphone connection for entertainment.

As a professional offroad vehicle, the Suzuki Jimny 5-door is equipped with a 4-wheel drive system (4x4) called the AllGrip Pro, allowing users to choose the wheel drive as needed. When passing obstacles such as a tilted lane, the Jimny 5-door offers stability for passengers.

After crossing the oblique path, Jimny covered various rock fields that had been prepared, giving a comfortable suspension sensation, and even the tires did not slip even though there were some empty flaws in the area.

Then, the Jimny 5 door down the track with the same tilt, and the Hill Hold Control (HHC) feature on the Suzuki Jimny 5 Door helps hold the position of the car as it climbs, providing instant power.

Furthermore, as it descends the trajectory with the same tilt, the brake assist function feature is enabled, providing fine braking.

With the conclusion, the Suzuki Jimny 5 Door can be easily controlled even in steep tracks, promising expertise and comfort on various terrains.

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