3 Foods You Shouldn't Eat While Drinking Coffee, What Are They?
Illustration (Albert S/Unsplash)

JAKARTA - Maybe many of you are coffee lovers, right? So, you can't start the day without sipping a cup of coffee beforehand. Not only delicious, coffee also has health benefits.

Coffee is high in antioxidants and other nutrients. In fact, coffee can increase the concentration of the audience. Coffee is indeed one of the most popular drinks in the world. Usually, coffee will taste better when enjoyed with certain types of food.

But do you know that there are certain types of foods that should be avoided when drinking coffee. Otherwise, this can have a negative impact on health.

Curious what types of food you need to avoid when drinking coffee? Here are three of them:


Why shouldn't meat be eaten at the same time as drinking coffee? Coffee contains tennates which form bonds with several minerals in food.

Drinking coffee can make you excrete zinc or zinc that you should absorb. As reported in the Healthy Eating page, Sunday, June 6, coffee can absorb zinc in the body. For that, you should avoid drinking coffee after eating foods that contain Zinc. Such as oysters, red meat, poultry, and beans.


Maybe not a few of you who consume coffee and milk simultaneously in the morning. Consuming milk can indeed block hunger, as well as coffee can drive away drowsiness.

However, this is actually not good for the body when consumed simultaneously. Coffee can affect the absorption of calcium in the body, so more calcium is wasted through the urine.


Crunchy fries do taste better when enjoyed with coffee. However, the habit of consuming both at the same time can be harmful to health.

Fried foods tend to be high in bad fats and cholesterol. When combined with the caffeine in coffee, this can quickly increase bad cholesterol levels in the body.

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