Apart From Happening 2 Times, The Bullying Of Vincent Rompies' Son Is Allegedly Involved In Adults
Vincent Rompies (Instagram @theprediction_)

JAKARTA - The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) is still investigating further the case of bullying allegedly involving Vincent Rompies' eldest son and his friends.

In a press conference, KPAI Commissioner, Diyah Puspitarani told the latest facts regarding this case. One of them is the figure of the perpetrator who is suspected of being involved, not only Binus School Serpong students.

Diyah said that it was suspected that the perpetrators of bullying came from 8 Binus School Serpong students and 3 were adults.

"The case of physical and psychological violence, bullying that befell Indonesian Navy children, was allegedly carried out by eight students and three adults," said Diyah Puspitarini at the KPAI office, Menteng, Central Jakarta, recently.

Previously, it was known that this incident did not only happen once, but it was the second time, namely 2 and 13 February until finally the victim was rushed to the hospital.

"Yes, that's what the victim's child might feel and appear in the post mortem," said Diyah Puspitarini.

Now the South Tangerang Metro Police are planning to provide further explanation regarding the case that allegedly involved Vincent Rompies' eldest son. This event itself will be held at the South Tangerang Metro Police on Friday, March 1, at 10.00 WIB.

"Good Night. To All Media Partners, We Invite Journalists In The Event: Press Conference regarding Bullying Case. To media colleagues, please attend on time, thank you," reads a chain message received by VOI, Friday, March 1.

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