Lesti Kejora Grateful Rizky Billar To Support The Support System To Support Careers
Lesti Kejora in the Sawangan area, Depok, Sunday, December 3. (Virgilery-VOI)

JAKARTA - Singer Lesti Kejora revealed that her career is currently fostered from seriousness in carrying out her activities as a dangdut singer and entertainer.

Lesti's attitude was based on her father's advice that she adhered to so that she did not listen to people's words but focused on the purpose of life.

"When asked what challenges are actually full of challenges every day, but for me, you always say when you have a goal, focus on your goals, right and left, which just smile, just focus on what you want to fly," said Lesti Kejora in the Sawangan area, Depok, Sunday, December 3.

In pursuing her career, Lesti is grateful that there are always those who support her or support the system like her father and husband, Rizky Billar.

"The thing I am most grateful for, is that I have parents who are always supportive. Now let alone support systems that never break up, never exist. From my husband, it seems like he is still strong, even though he hasn't, he can't until now either," he continued.

For the mother of one child, Rizky Billar is a husband figure who can be a guide in a life like parents in guiding.

He admitted that he did not know his current fate if Rizky Billar did not meet him.

"Parents educate, raise, accompany during the career journey process, now they meet their husbands who just continue, he makes me don't know if there is him. That's what makes me strong and overcome challenges in life. Apart from children, husband and extended family," he concluded.

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