Meeting Raffi Ahmad, Aaliyah Massaid Reveals Her Relationship With Fuji
Aaliyah Massaid, Raffi Ahmad, and Fuji (Instagram @raffinagita1717)

JAKARTA - After being compared several times by netizens, Aaliyah Massaid and Fujianti Utami alias Fuji were finally able to meet in person. This can be seen in one of Raffi Ahmad's Instagram uploads recently.

Raffi Ahmad uploaded a photo of his togetherness with Aaliyah Massaid and Fuji in one of the shopping centers. During that moment, Fuji and Aaliyah were both smiling at the camera.

"I love everyone, love sekebon," wrote Raffi Ahmad, quoted by VOI from his personal Instagram, Sunday, December 3.

It is known that Aaliyah Massaid, Raffi Ahmad, and Fuji both participated in a marathon event in Singapore with one of Shandy Purnamasari's MS Glow beauty brands.

In another moment, Fuji through an upload on his Instagram story had re-uploaded the photo of Raffi Ahmad. Fuji said that his relationship with Aaliyah was fine.

"We just get along, don't netizens. Hehe hehe mercy netizens," Fuji wrote.

Likewise with Aaliyah Massaid. When met at an event recently, Aaliyah emphasized that her relationship with Fuji was fine.

"Everything is fine. There are no fights either," said Aaliyah Massaid in the Senayan area, South Jakarta, Saturday, December 2.

It is known that Aaliyah Massaid had an affair with Tariq Halilintar, who was once Fuji's ex-lover. Related to this, many netizens often compare Fuji and Aaliyah through social media.

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