The Excitement Story Of Nia Ramadhani Having To Run Away To Attend BCL's Wedding
Nia Ramadhani (Instagram @ramadhaniabakrie)

JAKARTA - Nia Ramadhani became one of Bunga Citra Lestari's close friends alias BCL who was invited directly to attend her wedding with Tiko Wardhana which was held on Saturday, December 2 yesterday.

But apparently, before attending the BCL and Tiko weddings in Bali, Nia Ramadhani had just attended the Singapore Marathon which was held on the same day as the BCL wedding.

Seeing this, Nia Ramadhani tried to tell her busy life that she had to rush to fly from Singapore to Bali for the sake of BCL. He said that after running a marathon, he did not have time to capture the moment of success of running as far as 10k in this event.

"When I made celebrations, I felt happy and satisfied after finishing the race, just a piece. In fact, I haven't even taken photos with everyone using medals together because I have to hurry up and go to the airport, chase the flight!," wrote Nia Ramadhani, quoted by VOI from her Instagram story, Sunday, December 3.

Furthermore, the wife of Ardie Bakrie said that her pick-up was very far from the location where the marathon was finished, which had to make her run again to get to the car.

"And the BEST, the pickup point is far away, almost half the circumference outside stage 6. SO AS A RESULT, I WILL CONTINUE TO RUN AGAIN TO THE car," continued Nia.

At that moment, this 33-year-old woman admitted that many people there saw her, and some officers even asked Nia if she was not tired because she was still running even though the marathon event had been completed.

"As long as I ran towards the car, the medal was still hanging around my neck, the people around saw it, there were officers there who asked jokingly, "Why are you still running? Aren't you tired? I'm just fussing, I really want to answer "CAPE REALLY REALLY BANG GUA, I swear," said Nia.

"Just as a result, I just walked away, I called that person... while laughing, laughing at myself, I felt like I was racing again, because everything had to be rushed," he concluded.

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