Setia Accompanied BCL During The Marriage Process, Ashraf Sinclair's Sister Comments Like This
Bunga Citra Lestari dan Ashihah Sinclair (Instagram @ashihahjennifer)

JAKARTA - Singer Bunga Citra Lestari or who is familiarly called BCL officially married Tiko Wardhana on December 2 on the Island of the Gods Bali.

Friends and family were seen attending the second BCL marriage. The parents of the late Ashraf Sinclair were also seen on BCL and Tiko's happy day yesterday.

Apart from Ashraf's parents, there is also the younger brother of BCL's late first husband, Aisha Sinclair, who is trusted by BCL as one of the female companions on her wedding day.

In the video that is spread, Aisha can be seen who is very loyal to accompany BCL, not infrequently seen Aishah tidy up BCL's dress when the marriage contract.

Seeing this, Aisha in one of the comments column in the upload commented on the happiness felt by BCL and her husband, Tiko Wardhana. Ashihah was seen providing support and expressing her love for this new couple.

"I love you guys so much BCL and Tiko," wrote Ashihah.

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