SECRET NUMBER Reveals Sleeping Habits, ZUU Can't Be Silent At Most
SECRET NUMBER (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - The personnel of the K-pop idol group SECRET NUMBER revealed which of them had a habit of sleep could not be silent and their fingers pointed to ZUU.

"Zuu Until he kicked his leg, snoring," said SECRET NUMBER on the sidelines of the "Pre-Christmas K-Pop Concert" event in Jakarta, Saturday (2/12) night, quoted by Antara.

On the other hand, when asked who had the calmest sleep habits, NUMBER SECRET personnel chose Lea. Lea's figure, whose full name is Ogawa Mizuki, said she was up and sleeping, in the same position.

"When you sleep and wake up the same (position), just open your eyes," said Lea.

Apart from discussing sleep habits, SECRET NUMBER also reveals about their talents. Minji said she could speak without opening her mouth.

He while covering his teeth then said a sentence in Korean which, when interpreted in Indonesian, was, "It's nice to meet LOCKEY Indonesia and see you next year".

Soodam personnel also tried out Minji's similar abilities. He said the sentence in Indonesian, "I love you".

SECRET NUMBER became one of the performers in an event hosted by MJ from the K-pop idol group ASTRO that night, apart from Chen from the K-pop idol group EXO.

They entertained fans by singing songs including "DOXA", "DOOMCHITA", "Fire Saturday", "Got That Boom", "SLAM".

Regarding the concert, MJ ASTRO said "Pre-Christmas K-Pop Concert" made a positive contribution to cultural developments in Indonesia. He then said that Indonesia has the most K-pop fans in the world.

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