Matang Preparation, Chen EXO Appears Total For Fans In Indonesia
Idol singer Kim Jong-dae or known as Chen who is also a member of the K-pop group EXO (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - idol singer Kim Jong-dae or known as Chen who is also a K-pop group member EXO admitted that he had prepared his performance carefully so that he could perform totally in front of fans or called EXO-L in Indonesia on Saturday (2/12) night.

"I prepared very carefully because I haven't been to Indonesia for a long time, so I showed a very total performance," Chen said as quoted by Antara.

Through a "Pre-Christmas K-Pop Concert" themed event, Chen performed about six of his popular solo songs, including "Everytime" which became the theme songs for the drama "Descendants of the Sun" and "Best Luck".

He also sang the main song in his third mini album, which was both titled "Last Scene" then "I Don't Even Mind", "Shall we?" from the second mini album entitled "Dear my dear" and "Beautiful goodbye".

Fans also occasionally sing with their idols and this is appreciated by Chen.

"You guys are really good when singing. We have to wait a long time to meet, we have to sing together," he said.

Not only showing his singing skills, Chen also revealed his experience when preparing for the mini album "Last Scene". He admitted that he was nervous because he had not sung for a long time.

"Last Scene" was released in November 2022 marking Chen's first individual project since "Dear My Dear" which was launched in October 2019.

"I prepared the album 'Last Scene' in conditions (older) not as a singer, that was the most memorable. At that time I was nervous when I was going to release a new album. The challenge was how I could sing songs in the best way for EXO-L," Chen said.

Apart from the album, Chen also revealed his habit at Christmas. As a figure with MBTI starting with I alias introverts, he admitted that he would not go anywhere during Christmas and chose to be at home.

Ahead of saying goodbye to fans, he expressed his gratitude to the EXO-L who had come and sang with him. To them, he then promised to come back again.

"I don't think I've been to Jakarta for a long time, thank you for coming and singing together. Thank you very much. There is a promise for you, I will return to Indonesia again," he promised.

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