Profile Of Park Gyu Young, A Good Day To Be A Dog Drama Actors Who Change Dogs
Park Gyu Yeol (VIU)

JAKARTA - Drama A Good Day to be a Dog is one of today's favorite Korean dramas. In this drama Park Gyu Yeol plays Han Hae-na, a high school teacher, who inherits the curse.

Each family will turn into a dog if they kiss someone. The curse must be broken by kissing the same person, but when they are dog. If this doesn't happen within 100 days then they will forever be dogs.

One day while drunk, Han Hae-na accidentally kissed Jin Seo Won. Since then, every midnight until six in the morning he has turned into a tiny dog.

To break the curse, Hae Napun had to find a way for Seo Won to kiss her when she was a dog. Several times tried, her attempt didn't work. The problem is, Seo Won has trauma so she is very afraid of dogs.

For the sake of his role in this drama, Park Gyu Yeol conducted research by asking people who raise dogs about dog behavior.

He also adjusts his style to suit Hae-na's character in a webtoon. He deliberately styled and colored his hair very lightly. As a teacher, he dresses according to the standards of most office workers in Korea.

Park Gyu Young debuted in the entertainment world in 2016 by starring in a music video. The woman who was born in July 1993 graduated from Yonsei University, majoring in Clothing and Environment.

After several times appearing in K-pop musicians' video clips such as DAY6 and Yesung Super Junior, Park Gyu Young began accepting small roles in Korean dramas, as stated in Viu's written statement, Thursday, November 16.

His appearance began to get the attention of the Korean series audience since appearing as a supporting actor in the drama The Devil Judge, It's Okay to Not Be Okay, and Sweet Home.

His first chance as the main character came when he played Darli & the Cocky Prince, as the owner of the art gallery and the son of a conglomerate named Kim Dali.

She is described as an intellectually intelligent woman. Her father's sudden death forced her to take care of a gallery that turned out to have a lot of problems and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Unlike Da-li, his co-star, Ji Moo-tak (played by Kim Min-jae) often acts recklessly but is very good at managing business. In a state of urgency, Da-li then received Moo-tak's help who put his heart to him.

This romantic comedy drama brings the name Park Gyu-young to an award as Best New Actress at the KBS Drama Awards 2021 for his role in Dali and Cocky Prince.

Together with Kim Min-jae, he also received the Best Couple Award at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards through his role in Dali and Cocky Prince.

For his role as Da-li, Park Gyu Young contributed ideas about clothing. He made a difference in Da-li's appearance at the beginning of the drama when he was in the Netherlands as an art museum worker when he returned to Korea and became the successor to his father's business.

The clothes Da-li wore showed eccentric and unusual fashion tastes, such as asymmetric pieces and unique details.

Her hair is also arranged uniquely. It's not just straight long hair like Korean women's typicals, but short haircuts with kriwil-kriwil details.

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