Having A Social Foundation, Raline Shah Chooses To Focus On Education
Raline Shah (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Having the ability to see situations from many perspectives can help a person to find solutions that vary and also add creativity. Raline Shah agrees with the thought. He expressed the importance of education for self-development to expand views on life.

What has an impact in life is if we can increase our perception, and to increase it we need education, one of which is education. The main function of education is to increase our view when we see something," said Rsaline Shah, quoted from ANTARA, Wednesday, November 2.

The woman, who owns two foundations in the social sector, believes that these abilities are obtained from education. With education, according to Raline Shah, a person can see an event through many perspectives.

The impact of education, according to Raline, which graduated from the National University of Singapore, is also very broad, and has a large influence on the formation of a person's character.

"Without education, or without much knowledge, one may be less sensitive and flexible to others and life itself," said Raline.

The woman who founded the Misi Kami Peduli Foundation said educated people did not merely get a good rating or value, but explore each process of reaping knowledge itself.

How can we get along with friends, organize, toughness and emotional regulation in dealing with problems, dealing with lecturers, not just having to rank one, or defeating others to be the first. But, how do we collaborate with others," Raline added.

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