Reasons For Fruits Are Better For Iftar Than Just Sweet Food
Fruit for breaking the fast (pixabay)

JAKARTA - To restore energy after fasting all day, sweet food is an option when breaking the fast. Health expert Dr. Fanny R Imannuddin, M. Biomed (AAM), ABAARM recommends consuming fruit because it contains other nutrients such as fiber when breaking the fast rather than just sweet dishes.

"We should consume high fiber levels, vitamin levels are also quite good as an additional antioxidants. So it's not just processed sugar," Fanny said as quoted by ANTARA, Santu, March 25.

Fanny reminded that when breaking the fast people need glucose because it is digested or absorbed by the body. This Glucose can come from various sources, including fruits, rice, flour, sweet potatoes which will turn into 12 units of energy. Among these options, the suggested fruit.

Furthermore, he also reminded people to meet their nutritional needs when breaking the fast and sahur so that detoxification or efforts to neutralize toxins that are one of the benefits of fasting during Ramadan can run optimally.

"If you give nutrients when you are not healthy, then the detoxification process is not optimal. Maybe there are more carbohydrates, protein, or foods that are only sweet. The body needs complete, balanced nutrition," explained Fanny.

In fact, a person's body does its own detoxification. However, this process is disrupted due to nutritional patterns and unhealthy living habits including lack of drinking water, often eating fast food and processed foods, lack of sleep, and quite high stress.

"This seasoning is actually a setting so that our bodies can carry out the detoxification process smoothly, approximately 12-14 hours," said Fanny.

The body takes at least seven hours of sleep and a person is advised to sleep at least four hours after dinner.

"When after eating the body will produce insulin, if we go straight to sleep, the liver does not produce naturally for the detoxification process," said Fanny.

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