7 Simple Hobbies That Can Increase Intelligence
Illustrations of intellectual hobbies (Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio)

JAKARTA - Having a hobby can certainly erode boredom. Besides that, pursuing certain hobbies can also increase intelligence. What are your hobbies that you have enjoyed the most to date?

Some of the following lists, are useful hobbies to hone intelligence. If you do one of these seven often, then the opportunity to increase intelligence can be pushed.

Ilustrasi membaca buku (Pexels/Leah Kelley)
Illustration of reading a book (Pexels / Leah Kelley)

Various reading materials will certainly sharpen the brain. As reported by LifeDev, reading can help various aspects of intelligence. First, to get high marks, of course reading is one way to explore and gain knowledge.

Anne E. Cunningham in her journal entitled What Reading Do For the Mind said that reading can sharpen the mind. Reading is also an activity carried out by various ages. This means that pursuing a hobby of reading can increase intelligence at all ages.

Ilustrasi menulis (Pexels/Lisa Fotios)
Illustration writing (Pexels / Lisa Fotios)

Equivalent to reading, writing is also useful to increase memory. This was proven in a study conducted in 2014. In the journal Scientific American, students who took notes in class had better memories. What is learned is understood and written down in the notes is one way to sharpen memory.


Globe (Pexels/Porapak Apichodilok)
Illustration of a globe (Pexels / Porapak Apichodilok)

This one activity will undoubtedly make you happy. Taking a trip to a new place or certain destination requires intelligence. For example, identifying a new place and various situations. This hones social, communication and adaptation skills.

Traveling hobby makes someone smart. Not only smart because they have obtained various information that cannot be obtained from books. Traveling also makes a person more resourceful, smart and agile.

Playing games
Ilustrasi game (Pexels/Cottonbro)
Game illustration (Pexels / Cottonbro)

There are various types of games, one of which strategy games can make someone's brain tend to be honed. Playing games can improve problem-solving skills. With this activity, logic also gets sharper.

Ilustrasi tenis meja (Pexels/Josh Sorenson)
Table tennis illustration (Pexels / Josh Sorenson)

Blood that carries oxygen will be blocked from flowing if it never moves. Exercise movements make the body smarter. Not only brain strategy, body reflexes, speed and accuracy will also increase.

Make music
Ilustrasi bermusik (Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)
Musical illustration (Pexels / Karolina Grabowska)

Researchers at the University of Zurich have found that playing a musical instrument can strengthen the brain. As we know, listening or playing music requires skill. If the skills are honed, the intelligence of the brain will also increase.

Ilustrasi melukis (Pexels/Craig Adderley)
Painting illustration (Pexels / Craig Adderley)

Two scientific studies have found that the hobby of drawing can increase intelligence. First, a 2016 study conducted by Yale University researchers. This study found that drawing, sketching and related transposition of words into other shapes can help strengthen memory.

Second, professor emeritus at the University of Oregon-Dr Michael Posner found that art can improve cognitive function. This has an effect on increasing concentration. Besides that, hobbies related to imagination can also increase one's creativity.

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