Jang Dong Yoon And Chu Young Woo Competing Through Oasis Drama
Oasis poster (KBS2)

JAKARTA - Jang Dong Yoon and Cho Young Woo compete through the latest Korean drama titled Oasis. This romance genre drama tells the story of a number of teenagers set in 1980 where they fight for their dreams.

The latest teaser released today, Thursday, February 16, shows the change of two friends to an argument. Jang Dong Yoon scolded Chu Young Woo and left a puzzle between them.

Seol In Ah's presence between the two created more fights. Jang Dong Yoon in one scene said, "If you don't show up, Chul Woong and I don't have to compete."

Then the scene continues when Chu Young Woo asks Seol In Ah if she can like it. The teaser ends with Jang Dong Yoon and Seol In Ah getting close together.

Oasis tells the story of three teenagers who fight for their friendship and dreams set in South Korea from 1980 to 1990. Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Yoon) is a smart student even though he was born in a low-economic family.

He had feelings for Oh Jung Shin (Seol In Ah), a transfer student from Seoul. Jung Shin is friends with Lee Doo Hak and his best friend, Choi Chul Woong (Chu Young Woo).

Oasis became the reunion between Jang Dong Yoon and Seol In Ah after the 2017 School drama (2017).

The Korean drama Oasis will air starting March 6 on KBS2.

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