Following The Pre-Reconstruction Of The John Kei Case Made Us Realize What A Scary Sunday At The Australian Cluster
Pre-reconstruction of John Kei's assault (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

JAKARTA - "Die!" John Kei's men shouted in response to the boss's question, who asked, "What is the punishment for a traitor?" The call started a manhunt, attacks, and plans to kill Nus Kei, John Kei's uncle.

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Three cars containing dozens of people armed with spears and swords penetrated the gates of the Australian Cluster, Cipondoh, Tangerang. They are John Kei's men. It only took seconds for them to arrive at their destination, Nus Kei's house, which is 70 to 80 meters from the gate.

Guns in hand, they got out of the car and headed for house number 52, Nus Kei's residence. This series of incidents was the beginning of the destruction and attack of John Kei's group at Nus Kei's residence.

In another location, John Kei's other group moved to Kosambi, West Jakarta. It was this group that tortured Nus Kei's colleague, Yustus Kei, to death.

At the Australian Cluster, we got a picture of the attack on Nus Kei's residence through the police pre-reconstruction. "The car stopped right at house number 52. Then the perpetrators immediately got off with their respective weapons," said the police commanding officer.

In the attack scene, the police involved three of John Kei's men to represent dozens of other people who were involved in the real incident. Before starting the demonstration of the attack, a policeman in a black hat approached Nus Kei. Not long after, a scene was demonstrated.

Nus Kei and her group members (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

One suspect is equipped with a sword made of cardboard. Two other suspects were provided with toy barbells. In the actual incident, the two suspects were found to have taken a barbell that was right in front of Nus Kei's house.

"Suspect S also threw a barbell inside. Suspect T took the barbell, then threw it into the room," said the police commander over the loudspeaker.

Dozens of John Kei's men, represented by the three people, immediately destroyed Nus Kei's house. The glass in front of the house, living room, and a number of furniture were targeted. In the pre-reconstruction situation, the condition of the house looks like a mess. Items scattered about.

Seven to eight holes were visible in Nus Kei's glass. After doing the vandalism, members of John Kei's group immediately got into the car which jumped on the gas.

Sunday, June 21, just before the attack, the white house combined with the red color was quite busy. Nus Kei's wife, children, servants, and several relatives were doing their usual activities. However, when dozens of John Kei's men started to attack, things changed completely inside. Panic swept through the household.

They quickly fled, climbed to the second floor and climbed over the high wall. After climbing the wall, they all decided to walk on the roof tiles that were hot from the sun. While in the next part of the house, they remained silent for a few moments until finally John Kei's group left.

Pre-reconstruction of the case of John Kei (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

Back to pre-reconstruction. In the last part, the perpetrators were asked to act out the scene when the car hit the fence. At high speed, the lead car hit the fence, followed by four other cars. From there, their next destination is the Bekasi area. They returned to John Kei's group headquarters.

The pre-reconstruction baton was taken over by the Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Yusri Yunus. He said there was one scene that had not been performed, namely the shooting. The reason is, the firearm used has not been found. In addition, there are still a dozen perpetrators who are still at large. "There are scenes that we have not demonstrated. Because, first, weapons have not been found," said Yusri.

After the scene of the vandalism, a curly man made a defiant gesture towards Nus Kei's men who were on the scene. Before being put into the car, the curly man raised a fist which he aimed at Nus Kei's men. Then, Nus Kei's men immediately responded with shouts, "Hey, you savage!"

In the whole pre-reconstruction process, at least five locations were visited. First, the Kelapa Gading area. Then, the Tytyan Bekasi area which is the headquarters of the John Kei group, the Arcici area in Cempaka Putih, to the Kosambi area and the Australian Cluster in Cipondoh which are the locations of persecution and attack.


In the afternoon, Wednesday, June 24th, the sun was not as hot as usual. Black clouds and raindrops soaked the road before the pre-reconstruction took place. Until around 15.00 WIB, a group of police officers came to the location of the activity.

Dozens of police from various units gathered together. They came from Polda Metro Jaya and Polres Metro Tangerang. Some of them were seen wearing bulletproof vests and armed with long barrels.

About 15 minutes passed, the bus group carrying the perpetrators arrived. At least, there were two buses escorting several other police cars. Other police responded to the group's arrival. Some of them control traffic. The rest are preparing to start pre-reconstruction.

Before the pre-reconstruction began, several police officers appeared to have parked the car the perpetrators were using. Five cars were parked right in front of the Australian Cluster. This activity attracted the attention of residents. They appear to have gathered around the pre-reconstruction site. After everything has been prepared - starting from the perpetrators, the sharp weapons used, to the car, pre-reconstruction begins.

Pre-reconstruction of the case of John Kei (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

Withdrawing before the pre-reconstruction in the Australian Cluster, the police also carried out pre-reconstruction related to planning the torture and destruction of Nus Kei's house. The planning scene was carried out in the Polda Metro Jaya courtyard which looked like John Kei's headquarters on Jalan Tytyan Indah, Bekasi, West Java.

In a reenactment of the scene, John Kei, played by a stunt double, orders his men to attack Nus Kei. In that order, John Kei only asked his men about punishment for traitors.

"What is the punishment for a traitor ?," shouted Jhon Kei to his men who immediately answered with a shout, "Die!"

John Kei's men then launched an action based on what was planned. They tortured Yustus in the Kosambi area, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, to death with slashed wounds in almost all parts of his body. After Yustus' murder, another group also moved to attack Nus Kei's residence. Luckily, there were no victims there.

Threatens the security guard

At the start of the pre-reconstruction, about ten policemen, five of whom were armed with rifles, removed the suspect, John Kei's men from the bus. They were seen wearing orange shirts typical of prisoners.

With their hands tied with ropes, John Kei's five men - the rest were asked to stay on the bus so there was no disturbance - walked hand in hand toward the front of the luxury housing. They were asked to be in the car to act out the first scene of the destruction of Nus Kei's house.

A policeman in a white shirt takes command of the pre-reconstruction - here we call the police the commanding officer. With a loudspeaker, he ordered the two perpetrators to pretend to be driving a car and intimidated the housing security officers.

Hearing the order, the two perpetrators, RAG and GL, followed the directions. For RAG, he started the action by stopping the car right in front of the housing gate. Meanwhile, GL got out of the car and approached the security guard.

"The suspect RAG brought the vehicle, then stopped the vehicle right in front of the portal. The suspect GL came out, went straight to the portal to prepare to push," said the police.

Then, the policeman again asked a suspect with the initials C to chase after a security officer who was running away in fear. Gripping a sharp weapon in hand, C demonstrated as he was chasing down the officer played by the stunt double.

Pre-reconstruction of the case of John Kei (Rizky Adytia Pramana / VOI)

"Meanwhile, suspect C with a sharp weapon tried to chase down the security who ran to the post," said the police.

After acting out the scene in the first part, the police in command returned to give directions. However, before starting, several other policemen moved the five cars into a residential area. Meanwhile, the perpetrators walked under tight escort to the housing estate.

In this scene, only two of the five cars that seemed to be driven by the perpetrator stopped right near the checkpoint. Meanwhile, the other three headed for Nus Kei's house which is on the left side of the housing gate.

"The black fortuner car which was assumed to be black entered the cluster. Followed by the black Inova. Where the fortuner car went straight to the residence of the NK brother at number 52," said the police commanding officer before starting a series of scenes of the attack on Nus Kei's house.

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