We Went To The 'KPK EndGame' Nobar Location And Prove Sabotage Can't Scroll The Developed Screen
Nobar the EndGame at Infus Coffee (Detha Arya Tifada/VOI)

JAKARTA - Sunday, June 6, a number of attempts were made to suppress digital content related to the documentary film the EndGame: The Last Round Against Corruption. Allegations of sabotage were also carried out on parties who organized self-help group viewing (nobar) and discussions about it. We visited one of the famous locations in South Jakarta. Sabotage failed to quell. The enthusiasm is even more sparked.

The founder of WatchDoc, Dandhy Laksono is right. "The screen has expanded." Responding to various allegations of sabotage, Dandhy wrote these words in many of his social media uploads. Dandhy means that nothing can stop the movement of public self-help.

We also found the situation at Kedai Infus Coffee, South Jakarta. The audience is even more curious about what is happening within the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

the EndGame: The Last Round Against Corruption contains testimonies from KPK employees who did not pass the national insight test (TWK) and are now in danger of being fired. Among them, some are investigators who frequently and are currently handling high-profile corruption cases.

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That day, Monday, June 7, our watches showed 19.00 WIB, when we arrived at Infus Coffee located in Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta. We met Mohammad Zakky Mubarok, the owner of the shop.

He limited the number of visitors to only 15 people in his place at that time. Information about the nobar, Zakky uploaded it on Instagram @infus.coffee. Enthusiasm has been seen since the announcement was made. Judging from the number of people who registered, for example.

“Finally, we distributed pamphlets and didn't know why so many DMs today. Until there are 37 people who enter the DM, and there are nine WhatsApp (WA) messages that have WhatsApp us, whether it's a shop or personal WA number," said Zaki, met by VOI.

"Well, in the end, we tried to reject all of our friends because the capacity we have is small. So I want there to be only 15 people so we can focus. Let's be safe and comfortable too. Then the health protocol can also be fulfilled, "he added

People kept coming as we chatted with Zakky, until an hour later the movie started. This matter is interesting. Zakky's shop does not stand in a large area. The location is on the side of the road. Many people come with spontaneous impulses. One other thing that validates this self-help movement extends beyond expectations.

"We ask for your cooperation, brothers and sisters who watch and brothers and sisters to comply with health protocols. Yes, that's all. Can you see the back one? OK, let's start the film. Enjoy," said Zakky before the film started.

Nobar the EndGame at Infus Coffee (Detha Arya Tifada/VOI)

The EndGame: Final Round Against Corruption screening opens with applause. The audience was then presented with the testimonies of 16 KPK employees about what had happened during the 17 years of handling corruption cases.

The 1 hour 54 minute film answers many issues that are spreading in the community, starting from the KPK Bill, the issue of the Taliban, to TWK. Nobar participants, which previously only numbered 15 people, are increasing. They come by online motorcycle taxi or private vehicle. The locals also joined in.

The large number of people meant that some of them could not find a seat. They stand or sit on motorbikes parked in front of the shop. We found another interesting thing, namely the togetherness among the audience which was clearly visible in the nobar. Several spectators brought snacks to be distributed to other spectators.

Concern for eradicating corruption
Nobar the EndGame: The Final Round Against Corruption at Infusion Coffee (Detha Arya Tifada/VOI)

We met with some visitors to capture their reasons for sitting and watching the EndGame: The Final Round Against Corruption at Infusion Coffee that evening. Reza, for example. The man who lives in Kuningan, South Jakarta, who works as an IT staff at one of the country's start-up companies, admitted that he had come to celebrate.

Reza wanted to know the direct views of KPK employees who did not pass the TWK. He is worried that the dismissal of employees and investigators of important cases will weaken the KPK and its efforts to eradicate corruption. In Reza's eyes, the KPK is the only institution that can be relied on to fight corruption. What about the police and prosecutors?

"Our hope is only the KPK. What do we use to fight corruption? Use the police? There are also many cases of corruption within the police. At the prosecutor's office? Just look at yesterday's case, Djoko Tjandra, can't be trusted either. So we need an independent body to oversee the government from various sides. From the legislature, the executive, from the judiciary,” said Reza.

Another, Ryan, a resident of Bandung who happened to be in Jakarta, said the same thing. But more than watching. The student at one of Bandung's private universities watched the EndGame: The Last Round Against Corruption to meet other people and exchange understanding with them. Nobar is a good opportunity, thought Ryan, who claimed to be a layman.

“In my opinion, the KPK is an institution whose integrity is still idealistic. So if I see that the KPK is truly independent, that's how it is. So this institution really deserves to be maintained. If I'm with other institutions, it's really stupid. Why believe again? If the KPK is really very useful like that. If the KPK is destroyed, yes, corruption is rampant," he said.

Sabotage doesn't stop the nobar title
Nobar the EndGame: The Final Round Against Corruption at Infusion Coffee (Detha Arya Tifada/VOI)

Mohammad Zakky Mubarok does not know the risk of the decision to hold the EndGame: The Final Round Against Corruption in his shop. He knew there were sabotage attempts. But he also has good reasons to continue his agenda.

It didn't happen suddenly. Infusion Coffee was built by Zakky with these kinds of things as one of his goals. From the name alone, the word "Infusion" stands for "Inspiration for Us". Zakky wants the place he built to be the birthplace of inspiration that comes through the passions of discussion.

Regarding the TWK issue, Zakky has a view. TWK is discriminatory, he said. Corruption is a common enemy. The KPK is hope against that enemy. And if the KPK is weakened, it is the public's duty to strengthen it. As simple as that. The screening of this film, said Zakky, is an effective way to grow public understanding and movement for it.

"So basically we want to try to broaden the view. Also, in accordance with the mandate of the law, we must also educate the nation's life. Yes, this partly also educates the nation's life, even though the scope we have is from neighbors, hangout friends, and so on. At least we can discuss this information, we can use it as knowledge for what we want to be like in the future for the Indonesian people," said Zakky.

Zakky, shop owner (Detha Arya Tifada/VOI)

One day before the nobar was held by Zakky, there were attempts to sabotage the agenda of fighting corruption by a number of parties. There is a hacked Watchdoc Instagram account -- the party who made the EndGame documentary --, the Indonesia Leaks thread -- about an evil conspiracy involving KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri -- which was deleted, and even direct disturbances in the middle of a nobar event.

At the screening of the EndGame: The Last Effort Against Corruption in West Kalimantan, for example. The screening conducted by members of the West Kalimantan Anti-Corruption People's Movement (Gertak) was interrupted during the screening of the film.

"Even two discussion lighters - one of whom is a member of Gertak Kalbar and one lecturer at IAIN Pontianak - kept getting robocalls from before, during, and after the film release. One of the lighter parents received promo bombing via smartphones," wrote Gertak in his statement, quoted by Tempo.co.

In addition, the moderator in a discussion also detected a hacking attempt. He received a one time password (OTP) request via text message and telephone several times. Such messages usually signal an attempted account takeover.

There was also a hack on WatchDoc's social media account. WatchDoc founder Dandhy Dwi Laksono confirmed that WatchDoc's Instagram account and Twitter account @KPKEndGame were hacked.

"The Watchdoc IG account was hacked. Along with the @KPK_EndGame Twitter account which has now been successfully recovered," Dandhy said in his tweet on the @Dandhy_Laksono account.


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