Magnetic BCA Debit Card Will Be Blocked November 30th, Immediately Exchange It For A Chip, Free!
Illustration. (Photo: Doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - Bank BCA magnetic stripe debit card owners are encouraged to immediately replace them with chip cards. The reason is, after November 30, 2021, the magnetic stripe card will be blocked.

"To maintain the convenience and security of transactions, replace the non-chip BCA debit card to a BCA debit card before December 1, 2021, lest the card can no longer be used," reads a statement on BCA's official website, quoted Thursday, October 21.

Therefore, the owner of the BCA debit card, Xpresi BCA, Tapres, TabungaKu, BCA Dollar, Student Savings, and BCA Cash must be exchanged for a card that has a chip. This replacement is in accordance with the directives of Bank Indonesia through SE BI No.17/52/DKSP. The letter states that the use of magnetic stripe cards is only permitted on certain ATM or debit cards.

In order to keep card transactions smooth, BCA asks cardholders to make replacements free of charge or free through three services. First, through Customer Service at all BCA branches throughout Indonesia.

Second, through the self service machine at the branch, namely the CS Digital machine and the location can be checked on the official BCA website. Third, through Halo BCA at 1500888.

There are a number of reasons why customers should switch to chip-tech debit cards. For example, the BCA Mastercard chip debit card can make debit transactions online. This is done by activating it via BCA mobile.

The next reason is that Bank Indonesia has announced the implementation of the National Standard for Chip Technology and the use of 6 Digit PINs for ATM/Debit Cards issued in Indonesia several years ago.

In addition, magnetic stripe is technologically easier to duplicate data than chip cards that are technologically more advanced. So, the magnetic stripe card is more at risk of being exposed to cyber or online crime.

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