JAKARTA - Singapore Airlines changed policy signatures on seat belts according to severe turbulence to having to make an emergency landing in Thailand and killed one person. Not only that, the Singapore airline also changed flight routes from London-Singapore. Launching ANTARA, Friday 24 May, Singapore Airlines is now adopting a more careful approach to turbulence, including not serving food and drinks especially hot ones when the safety belt signature is on. SIA will continue to review because the safety of our passengers and crew is the most important," he said. Previously, the London-Singapore SQ321 flight with Boeing 777-300ER carrying 211 passengers and 18 crew was diverted to Bangkok for an emergency landing on Tuesday (20/5/2024) after the plane experienced turbulence that threw passengers and cabin crews. In fact, some of them hit the ceiling. London daily route to Singapore SQ321 has completed two flights since that incident. The plane no longer flew across Myanmar's territory, which became the location when turbulence suddenly occurred or about three hours before its landing schedule. Despite nearly the same time of flight, route data from flight tracker FlightRadar 24 pointed Singapore Airlines flying over Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. Singapore Airlines said the plane on Tuesday suddenly experienced extreme turbulence, causing a British national passenger (73) to die due to an alleged heart attack. Photos from within the plane show injuries in the upper cabin panel, oxygen masks, and panels hanging on the ceiling, as well as trunk were scattered. One passenger said the head of several people hit the lights on the chair and damaged the panel.46 passengers and two crew were treated at a hospital in Bangkok and 19 others were still in Bangkok.

20 of the 46 victims are still in intensive care with the victim suffering joint injuries, namely spinal cord injuries, brain and skull.Singapore Airlines, which is widely known as one of the world's leading airlines and is seen as a reference for most of the aviation industry. The airline has not experienced any major incidents in recent years.

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