AMSTERDAM - Representative Office (RO) owned by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has consistently expanded its business in Europe, especially Indonesian-related businesses, since its inauguration in 2022.

BNI's Human Capital & Compliance Director, Mucharom said the Netherlands is a country inhabited by approximately 1.7 million Indonesian diaspora from various circles. From professional workers, entrepreneurs, as well as students.

"The BNI Representative Office in Amsterdam is here to provide comprehensive assistance for diaspora," he said when met at BNI Amsterdam, Netherlands, Friday, May 17.

Currently, continued Mucharom, BNI in Amsterdam is actively distributing Diaspora Loans which focuses on targeting diaspora that open businesses abroad. He also hopes that in the future it will be further improved.

He revealed that the BNI Diaspora Loan debtor in the Netherlands was dominated by Indonesian culinary businesses. For example, Warung Padang Lapek Jo, Restaurant Miss Sweet, and Restaurant Lestari. All of them serve Indonesian cuisine in the mill country.

Not stopping there, BNI integrated Diaspora Loan with the Xpora program to make it easier for restaurants to get raw materials and side menus from Indonesia.

One of Xpora's partners in the Netherlands, namely Nesia Food, is an importer of various foodstuffs from Indonesia, including from BNI MSME debtors. Nesia Food has become a supplier of sugar, kitchen spices, frozen vegetables, to various kinds of crackers from BNI debtor restaurants," he said.

Furthermore, Muchrom said, BNI always supports the efforts of the diaspora with the main conditions that they are already legal entities, good financial reports over the past three years, and do not carry out illegal businesses both in Indonesia and in the Netherlands.

"RO BNI Amsterdam is also actively serving various banking transactions from local Dutch companies and branches of state-owned companies in Europe," he said.

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