Basuki Responds To Giant Sea Wall Development Plan In Pantura: That's The Last Option!
PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono (Photo: Doc. VOI)

JAKARTA - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono opened his voice regarding plans to build giant sea wall giant sea embankments along the northern coast of Java Island (Pantura).

He said the construction of the giant sea embankment would not be built in the near future. Because, giant sea wall is the last option to overcome sea level rise.

"In my opinion, no (the giant sea wall will be built) in the near future. That's the last resort to build a giant sea wall," said Basuki at the PUPR Ministry office, Jakarta, Friday, January 26.

Basuki said that currently his party is still pushing for environmental restoration to prevent abrasion and land subsidence.

Currently, Basuki said, his party is still focused on improving the sanitation program. Based on his records, there are six sanitation programs initiated by PUPR. There are only two projects running.

Not only that, he said, his party is also focusing on working on providing clean water and a drinking water supply system (SPAM). That way, the consumption of ground water is expected to decrease in the future.

According to him, when the consumption of ground water is reduced, the land subsidence can also be resolved.

"If it can be handled, hopefully the tidal wave will not appear and even then we together with the (work) for the provision of clean water in Jatiluhur. Plus two SPAMs from Karian (Serpong) for West and North Jakarta. If that is finished in 2030 we can stop using groundwater as a cause of land subsidence," he said.

Furthermore, Basuki assessed that if all these efforts were not able to withstand land subsidence and sea level rise, the giant sea wall would also be an option.

"If it can be meaningful (there is no need for a sea wall giant), but if there is still a threat of a new rob of the embankment," he added.

Previously reported, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto said the government would build a coastal embankment and sea wall project in the northern region of Java Island, from west to east.

The estimated total budget requirement for the construction of sea embankments and regional development as well as the provision of raw water and sanitation is IDR 164.1 trillion.

Airlangga added that the giant embankment financing needs will be met through a funding scheme for cooperation between the government and business entities (PPP).

According to Airlangga, the construction of the giant embankment is very important because. This is because the Pantura Jawa area will contribute around 20.7 percent of Indonesia's GDP in 2020 through industrial activities, fisheries, transportation and tourism.

"In addition, the Pantura area of Java is also a fairly dense residential area with an estimated population of more than 50 million people," he said in the Java Island Area Protection Strategy, through the Construction of the Beach Embankment and Sea Wall at the Grand Ballroom Hotel Kempinski Jakarta, Wednesday, January 10.

He added that the threat of land subsidence and the phenomenon of tidal flooding that occurred in the Pantura Jawa area not only endangered the sustainability of economic activity and national economic infrastructure assets in the region, but also the lives of millions of people living there. Thus, it has the potential to be affected by disasters.

In addition, it is estimated that there are at least 70 industrial areas (KI), 5 special economic zones (KEK), 28 industrial allocation areas (KPI) and 5 industrial growth center areas (WPPI) and other economic areas that will be affected if the handling of relegation problems in Pantura Java is not handled properly.

"As a result, Indonesia has the potential to experience economic losses due to tidal flooding," he added.

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