Bank Indonesia Records Flow Of Foreign Funds Entering IDR 15.92 Trillion On The Fifth Week Of November 2023
Llustration- Rupiah (Photo: DOC BI)
JAKARTA - Bank Indonesia (BI) noted that there was a foreign capital inflow in the period 27 November 2023 to 30 November 2023, non-residents in the domestic financial market recorded a net purchase of IDR 15.92 trillion. Executive Director of the Head of the BI Communication Department Erwin Haryono conveyed that the flow of foreign funds was included in the state securities market (SBN), the stock market, as well as in the Bank Indonesia Rupiah Securities (SRBI). "“Nonresident buys net Rp10.60 trillion in the SBN market, buys net Rp380 billion in the stock market, and buys net Rp4.94 trillion in SRBI,” Erwin explained in his statement, Sunday 3 December. Erwin said that although there were foreign funds that came in, the premium for investment risk in Indonesia increased as reflected in the premium credit default swap (CDS) Indonesia 5 years as of November 30, 2023, amounting to 74.60 bps, an increase compared to November 24, 2023, amounting to 73.70 bps. In addition, if you look at the data from the beginning of 2023 to November 30, 2023, it is recorded that foreign funds entered the SBN and SRBI markets. Meanwhile, non-residents bought net worth IDR 71.69 trillion in the SBN market and bought net worth IDR 37.27 trillion in SRBI, for eleven months in 2023.
However, while on the stock market, foreign funds were recorded to have come out of IDR 15.22 trillion from January 2023 to November 2023. Erwin said Bank Indonesia continues to strengthen coordination with the Government and relevant authorities and optimize policy mix strategies to maintain macroeconomic and financial system stability in order to support further economic recovery.

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