Growing Meaning, Financial Literacy Platform And Investment For The Community
Photo: (Mery Handayani/VOI)

JAKARTA A discussion platform for investment experts Grows Meaning officially launched. This platform provides general information about investment knowledge and a deep understanding of the financial, financial and business sectors.

The low public awareness in managing personal finances and the lack of understanding of the risks contained in financial investment products, encourages Grow Meaning to be present to strengthen investment literacy in the country.

Founder of Growing Meaning Muliadi San explained that Growing Meaning is a financial literacy platform that discusses topics related to financial management and personal wealth, financial investment products, as well as analyzes related to risks and potential in the capital market.

"This is an effort to help individuals or the public in studying basic concepts, strategies, analysis, and seeing the differences in existing investment products. So we want the public to increase their investment knowledge when they look at this series of discussions," he said at the launch of the Grow Meaning platform, in Jakarta, Wednesday, May 31.

He said, later literacy in this platform can be obtained from economists and investments that have the best competence from within the country. Thus, it can help determine the direction of investment and better financial management.

The tumbuh Meaning is also moved to be able to help the government's movement to bring the Indonesian people to transform from saving society to investment society. The importance of understanding risk is an important balancing element so that we can produce mature and wise investment society in managing personal finances and investing," he said.

Based on data processed from the World Bank, the ratio of deposit funds to GDP in Indonesia is at 33.07 percent as of the end of 2021, where Indonesia is ranked 20th in the world, while ASEAN Indonesia is ranked 2, below Singapore (44.5 percent) and above Vietnam (32.65 percent).

This data is a reflection of how actually Indonesia has been at the saving society stage.

Furthermore, based on data on the distribution of commercial bank deposits released by LPS as of March 2023, there have been more than 511 million savings accounts with total savings funds reaching Rp8,045 trillion.

Where the number of these accounts has grown by more than 65 percent and the total savings funds have grown by around 33 percent since 2019.

Meanwhile, Fenny Tjahyadi, one of the Co-Founders of the Grow Meaning platform, said that there would be many benefits from the series of investment discussions that would be conducted by the Meaning Growing literacy platform.

"Indirectly, we provide informal education about investment, we also improve our skills in analyzing the market. In addition, we also help increase public awareness about the existence of various investment products circulating," he said.

Appreciation for the presence of Growing Meaning delivered by the Head of Marketing & Communications of PT. Moduit Digital Indonesia, Ari Prastowo.

He assessed that the launch of Grow Meaning as an investment literacy platform is very important for the financial ecosystem in Indonesia.

Through this platform, said Ari, people can use their accepted knowledge to make better decisions in investing.

"Moduit really appreciates the business made by Grow Meaning, this can help people to get better access to knowledge about finance," said Ari.

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