Get To Know Stock Opname Types, Which Ones Are Suitable For Your Business?
Illustration of stock opname (Freepik) activities

YOGYAKARTA - Stock opname is one of the important activities in business or business operations. Stock opname activities must be carried out by entrepreneurs or companies whose businesses sell goods or products. Every business owner needs to know the types of stock opname that can be implemented.

Stock opname is an activity to calculate and record stock supplies that are still available in warehouses for sale. Stock opname aims to determine the condition of the inventory. In addition, the activity also aims to ensure the smooth distribution of goods to be sold.

The stock opname process must be carried out carefully to avoid errors in collecting data on goods. Because if the calculation is wrong, it can cause losses to the company. Stock opname activities are not carried out by ordinary employees, but are delegated to audit officers from management. So what types of stock opnames can be run by business?

Stock opname plays an important role in avoiding shortages and excesses of goods, as well as knowing the flow of goods in and out of warehouses. When carrying out stock opname activities, officers will calculate the suitability of the number of items in the warehouse and record it in bookkeeping administration.

Business owners can apply stock opname regularly within a certain period of time. The following are types of stock opnames that can be applied in business.

Stock opname activities can be carried out every day or called daily stock taking. This activity is carried out to ensure product stocks are always available. This stock opname method is usually done by businesses whose goods are sold every day, such as supermarkets and grocery stores.

Daily stock taking is generally done at night or before the store closes. The advantage of this stock opname method is that you can accurately find out the inventory of goods every day. In addition, this method is also useful in minimizing the presence of products that supply damage and cause losses.

The second type of stock opname is periodic stock verification. This method is carried out by quarterly calculations or periodically every three to four months. The process of calculating goods usually takes about 1 to 2 days. This stock opname method is more suitable to apply to micro businesses.

In this stock opname activity, the number of physical products will be included in the list of inventory. The data collection of goods is also accompanied by information on the condition of goods if there is damage or abrasions. The advantage of this method is that it can be carried out for small and medium class business people.

The next stock opname method that you can run is annual stock taking. Calculation of goods with this method is carried out once a year. Usually this stock opname activity is carried out at the end of the year or when closing the financial report book.

The annual stock taking method is suitable for businesses that sell products in large quantities and are long-lasting. In addition, this method is also commonly applied in businesses that have large warehouses. This stock opname method is not suitable for the F&B business.

Those are the stock opname types reviews that can be applied by business owners. The stock opname method chosen must also be adjusted to the type of product you sell. The stock opname process must be carried out by experts in their fields because it requires accuracy.

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