Have A Debt To The State? Ready Can't Make A SIM, Ask For Credit To Be Disbursed Abroad
Illustration (Photo: Doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - The government has issued a new breakthrough in efforts to resolve the issue of state receivables through the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) Number 28 of 2022 concerning Management of State Receivables by PUPN (State Receivables Affairs Committee).

Beleid, which will take effect on August 31, 2022, will impose stricter sanctions to encourage public compliance in carrying out obligations to the state.

Director of State Property DJKN Ministry of Finance Encep Sudarwan said PP 28 of 2022 was present to strengthen PUPN's duties and authorities in managing state receivables.

According to Encep, one of the content in the PP is to regulate efforts to limit civility and/or stop public services to debtors.

"For example, debtors who have not completed their debts are limited to access to their finances, cannot get credit/financing from financial service institutions, restrictions on immigration services such as passport issuing, visas, and others," he said on Friday, September 16.

Not only that, but Encep also detailed that restrictions will be made for customs services and PNBP.

We will limit the acquisition of fiscal certificates, participate in auctions and procurement/acquire Building Permits (IMB), even to restrictions on driving license services (SIM). This is all intended as a means of sanction for debtors to carry out state receivable payment obligations," he said.

Encep added, to strengthen civil restrictions or stop public services, the PP also regulates obligations for ministries/agencies and local governments to provide information support requested by PUPN.

"Furthermore, PUPN will be able to build strong coordination with various parties after the issuance of this PP," he said.

Furthermore, Sri Mulyani's subordinate also said that this PP contained several important materials, including the provision of legal protection for sellers of PUPN collateral auctions, especially if the validity period of the ownership rights certificate had expired.

Then, strengthening foreign prevention measures for debtors, strengthening efforts to vacate collateral sold at auction with the help of the police, as well as legal protection for the implementation of PUPN duties.

"This rule applies to all who have debts to the state, including debtors and BLBI obligors," concluded Encep.

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