Akhyar Nasution's Lawsuit On Bobby's Victory In The Medan Regional Election Begins To Be Tried By The Constitutional Court
Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi and Bobby Nasution-Aulia Rachman

JAKARTA - Akhyar Nasution's lawsuit over the results of the Medan Regional Head Election, which was won by Bobby Nasution, has begun to be tried in the Constitutional Court (MK).

The preliminary examination at the Constitutional Court was conducted on 35 election lawsuits, Wednesday, January 27. This trial is divided into three panels.

Panel 1 was chaired by Constitutional Justice Anwar Usman and accompanied by Wahiduddin Adams and Enny Nurbaningsih to examine cases of disputes in the Bengkulu, South Bengkulu, Kaur, Central Kalimantan, East Waringin City, Sekadau, Kotabaru, Konawe Kepulauan, Konawe Selatan, Muna and Wakatobi.

Constitutional Justices Aswanto, Suhartoyo and Daniel Yusmic Pancastaki Foekh at Panel 2 examined the dispute over the results of the Medan, Labuhan Batu, South Labuhan Batu, Asahan, Mandailing Natal, Tanjung Balai, Karo, South Nias, Nias and Samosir regional elections.

Then Panel 3 with Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat, Saldi Isra and Manahan MP Sitompul examined the dispute over the results of the Gorontalo Regional Election, Bone Bolango, Pohuwato, Teluk Wondama, Teluk Bintuni, South Sorong, Waropen, Central Lombok, Sumbawa and Bima.

"The trial is open and declared to the public," said Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Anwar Usman.

During the trial, the Panel of Justices at the Constitutional Court reminded the session participants to carry out the health protocol in a disciplined manner and to carry out trial rules even though they were not directly in the courtroom.

A total of 132 applications for election results disputes to regions that have been registered by the Constitutional Court. As of Tuesday, 35 cases have been examined with the agenda of hearing the petitioners' petition.

Meanwhile, the time that the Constitutional Court has for examining and deciding cases is 45 days from the time the application for disputes over the results of regional head elections is registered.

Previously, Akhyar Nasution's team filed a lawsuit against the results of the Medan Regional Election to the MK on December 18, 2020.

Akhyar Nasution's team included a number of evidences when registering the Medan Pilkada election result dispute lawsuit to the Constitutional Court. There are 8 points that are the main focus of Akhyar-Salman.

"There are allegations of vote mark-ups and voters who do not match the local ID cards. It will be tested against the evidence we have," said Deputy Chairman of the Akhyar-Salman (AMAN) Team, Gelmok Samosir, 18 December.

However, Gelmok said that the submission of a lawsuit against the results of the Medan Regional Election to the Constitutional Court did not see the results of the recapitulation that was announced by the Medan KPU. However, the AMAN team saw that many matters in the Medan Pilkada were outside the norm of propriety.

"We ask the plenary recapitulation of the Medan KPU to be canceled and to re-vote in 15 districts," he said.

Based on the results of the recapitulation held by the Medan KPU, Bobby-Aulia won 393,327 votes compared to 342,580 votes for the candidate pair Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi.

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