Really Strong! This Cute Baby Found In Front Of A Resident's House, Ari-ari Still Embedding In The Stomach
Police officers along with babies found in front of residents' homes/ Photo: Doc. Cikande Police/Banten Police

SERANG - Polsek Cikande Polres serang melakukan olah tempat kejadian perkara (TKP) penemuan bayi perempuan di depan rumah warga di Perumahan Bumi Nagara Lestri, Desa Nagara, Kecamatan Kibin, Kabupaten Serang, Senin, 5 Desember.

Cikande Police Chief Kompol Andhi Kurniawan said when the baby was found he was not wearing clothes. Luckily the baby is still standing.

"The baby was found alive without clothes lying between the flower pots in front of a resident's house, at around 05.30," Andhi said in a written statement, Monday, December 5.

Andhi said that it was suspected that the newborn baby was deliberately thrown away by his parents. And until now, his party is still investigating and immediately conducting an investigation to reveal who the mother of the baby is.

"As soon as we received reports from local residents, we immediately checked the crime scene and conducted an investigation by seeking information from witnesses," he said.

According to witness testimony, Andhi continued, the baby was found when the witness was about to take out the motorbike and would turn off the street lights.

When he entered the house again, the witness looked at the plant in front of his house. At first the witness thought there was a doll, but when he was observed, the baby girl was seen again with no clothes lying complete with the umbilical cord still attached to the baby's body. The witness immediately reported to the Cikande Police," he explained.

Now the baby is at the Kibin Health Center undergoing a medical examination.

"Currently the baby girl is at the Kibin Health Center for a medical examination," concluded Andhi.

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