Today, Workers Demonstration In Front Of The House Of Representatives, Beware Of Traffic Jams
DOCUMENTATION ANTARA/ The road in front of the DPR/MPR building

JAKARTA - Officers from the Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya and Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat urge the public to avoid the Senayan area and the DPR/MPR complex regarding today's labor action plan.

The Head of the Traffic Unit of the Central Jakarta Metro Police, Kompol Purwanta, confirmed that the traffic diversion was carried out tentatively according to the number of masses and the density of vehicles.

"God willing, it will be safe, we will apply it tentatively for tomorrow's labor action," said Purwanta, as quoted by ANTARA, Tuesday, August 9.

Based on the information gathered, the labor action was organized by the People's Labor Movement (Gebrak) with the gathering point under the "flyover" Taman Ria, Senayan, Central Jakarta.

The action is planned to start at 09.00 WIB with a number of demands, including rejecting the Job Creation Law, canceling the RKUHP and lowering the price of basic necessities.

Workers from the Alliance for the Action of a Million Workers are also reported to have conducted a "long march" from Bandung to Jakarta since Saturday (6/8) to convey their demands in front of the DPR/MPR RI Building.

Polda Metro Jaya has prepared traffic engineering on a number of roads, namely:

1. Traffic from Jalan Gatot Subroto to the DPR/MPR will be diverted to the left onto Jalan Gerbang Pemuda

2. Traffic flow from Jalan Pintu Pemuda which turns left on Jalan Gatot Subroto is reversed under the Ladogi flyover

3. Traffic flow from the inner city toll road that will exit at "Offram Pulo Dua" is straightened towards the Tomang toll road

4. Corner of Manggala Wanabakti from east to west towards Slipi Toll Road and towards Palmerah Station is closed

5. Traffic flow from Jalan Palmerah Timur to Jalan Gelora is straightened out by the Student Army Road

6. Traffic flow from Jalan Asia Afrika to Jalan Gelora is diverted to the right of Jalan Pintu Pemuda

7. Traffic flow from Jalan Pintu Pemuda to Jalan Gelora turn left on Jalan Asia Afrika.

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