COVID-19 Task Force Responds To Complaints Of Wisma Atlet Nonnakes Volunteers Haven't Received Incentives Since July
COVID-19 Handling Task Force Spokesperson Prof Wiku Adisasmito/ IST

JAKARTA - Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, responded to complaints from non-health workers at Wisma Atlet Kemayoran who claimed they had not received incentive payments since July.

Wiku explained, currently the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) or the COVID-19 Handling Task Force is trying to resolve the delay in paying the incentives.

"It is being reviewed and finalized," said Wiku in a short message to VOI, Friday, November 26.

For information, the non-health worker (nonnakes) COVID-19 volunteer at Wisma Atlet Kemayoran admitted that his party had not received the promised incentives since July 2021.

This was conveyed in the petition entitled "Our Rights Are Taken away! BNPB Negligent in Fulfilling the Rights of Non Healthcare Volunteers RSDC WAK" on the page. The petition, which was issued on Thursday, November 25, is addressed to President Joko Widodo and BNPB.

"It is sad that the incentive rights promised by BNPB have not yet arrived for any non-health workers from July to October 2021," reads the petition statement, quoted on Friday, November 26.

Therefore, the petitioners demanded Jokowi and BNPB to immediately disburse the incentives that were in arrears.

"Demanding for immediate disbursement of incentives in July 2021 which has passed the mutually agreed deadline or 2 to 3 months after the end of the term of office," he wrote.

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