Citroen Reveals Citroen C3 Aircross's Latest Design, Cabin Is More Relieved

JAKARTA - Citroen officially introduced the all-new C3 Aircross for the European market, carrying a similar design language like the C3 hatchback but with a portion of SUVs that offer comfort and spacious space.

Unlike those sold in India and Indonesia, this car has more assertive and rigid characteristics. In addition, this French brand ensures that this car will get competitive prices on the blue continent.

According to the brand page, Saturday, April 20, the latest all-new C3 Aircross has a Citroen-style design with a distinctive brightening on the front with a large manufacturer logo.

In addition, this car has a silhouette with a two-color roof that is more modern than the one offered in other markets. Furthermore, the bumper and quarter panels can be selected at various levels by customers as desired.

For the inside, this car has a dimensions of 4,390 mm. It leaves a long and wide space for rear passengers. The SUV has a seven-seater configuration with two seats that can be folded in the trunk.

Despite having a relieved interior, C3 Aircross still has a compact size so users can park it easily.

Although the full specifications have not been disclosed, this car is built on the same Smart Car platform as the C3 hatchback. This means that the SUV has flexibility in terms of powertrains ranging from gasoline to electric engines.

Thus, Citroen will offer C3 Aircross in the electricity version for the first time as well as a hybrid option to suit the needs of its customers.

The manufacturer will announce official prices and further specifications approaching its launch this summer in Europe.