New York University Collaborates With Catalyst Global Consulting And Kunie Launches Innovative Leadership Program

JAKARTA - New York University, a leading university in the world, partnering with Catalyst Global Consulting (Catalyst) and Kunie, launched the NYU-Catalyst Global Executive Program: Innovative Leadership.

This breakthrough aims to open wider access for professionals in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to get international standard learning from NYU. In addition, this program is expected to provide provision for professionals to have an essential ability to compete on a global scale.

Increasing skills is the most vital thing to prepare professionals in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to be able to compete with professionals from various international-scale companies. Of course, leadership skills are one of the most important abilities to achieve success in today's business landscape.

However, there are still many professionals who experience problems accessing quality education programs for executives, especially those related to a busy work schedule and are bound by professional commitments. Not a few of the best professionals in companies are eager to study at global-scale universities to improve their abilities and enrich their perspective, but are hampered by distance and financial problems.

NYU-Catalyst Global Executive Program: Innovation Leadership answers the challenges faced by professionals in Indonesia and Southeast Asia in accessing global-scale professional education programs. By participating in this program, professionals in Indonesia and Southeast Asia can enjoy a relevant learning experience but is equipped with a curriculum prepared by NYU and Catalyst.

The learners will gain access to learn directly from NYU lecturers and world-class professionals, the latest curriculum, and a broad learning source, which is drawn up to sharpen the leadership of the learners.

"Kunie is very enthusiastic about collaborating with NYU and Catalyst in presenting the Innovative Leadership Program. This initiative provides access for professionals throughout Indonesia to obtain international-scale education. Through this program, we hope that more professionals can improve their leadership competence in an increasingly dynamic and challenging era," said Kunie CEO, Hendra Saputra, in Jakarta, Friday, August 11.

Reno Rafly, CEO of Catalyst Global Consulting and Director of the NYU-Catallyst Global Executive Program said, with the expertise and resources owned by NYU and Catalyst, combined with the innovative learning management platform from Kunie, this collaboration will empower Indonesian and Southeast Asian professionals to obtain internationally recognized education without the need to travel abroad.

"We are excited to bring world-class learning here and we believe this program can help form leaders in Indonesia and Southeast Asia in accelerating progress and leadership with innovation," said Reno Rafly.

Meanwhile, R. Muharam Perbawamukti, Director of Human Capital Management of Telkomsel added, Telkomsel supports the initiative taken by our subsidiary INDICO through Kunie together with Catalyst and NYU.

"As the leading digital telecommunications company that plays an active role in encouraging digital transformation in Indonesia, Telkomsel together with INDICO and Kunie always strive to open up opportunities to increase the capabilities of Indonesian talents through educational platforms that can be reached by anyone so that they remain relevant to industry demands and global challenges in the future," explained R. Muharam.

Registration for the NYU-Catalyst Global Executive Program: Innovative Leadership has now opened. This program offers comprehensive curriculum that includes various leadership topics such as adaptive innovation, design thinking, change leadership, and leading across cultures.

Lecturers can have the opportunity to connect with well-known international standard lecturers, interact with experts in industry, and collaborate with diverse professional networks. Learning will be done online, allowing learners to carry out their professional commitments and improve their skills in a balanced manner.